Tax checklist

Getting ready for tax return time will help take some of the stress out of completing your tax return and will make sure you get any tax refund quicker!

The records you should have ready are:

· tax file number
· spouse’s tax file number
· spouse’s date of birth
· bank account details
· financial statements showing the total amount of interest earned
· share dividend remittance advices
· details of any assets you have sold during the financial year
· business income records
· income from rental property details
· foreign investment income details
· Centrelink payment summaries
· receipts for taxable deductions
· vehicle log book if using your vehicle for business purposes
· spouse’s taxable income
· previous year’s tax return

Once the tax year has ended at the 30 June, you should receive a group certificate from your employer and an end of year statement from your health fund. This will tell you if you need to claim the 30% rebate.

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