Ten money saving Christmas tips

With Christmas 22 weeks away, you may think you have all the time in the world to get ready. But for those who are keen to get organised, YOURLifeChoices has ten simple tips to save you time and money if you start now.

Lay-by your Christmas gifts—there are so many toy sales on at the moment that you will be able to get your grandchildren all they want and a little bit more.

Christmas clubs—ask your local butcher or greengrocer if they are running a savings program for Christmas. Just a couple of dollars each week can soon add up. Myer also has a savings club and will credit you a little extra depending on how much you save.

Rotational savings club—try to get a group of ten or twenty people to each put in $10 a week. Each week one person gets the money. For example if you have 10 people, each week one person will get $100, over a period of 10 weeks.

Gift cards—many retailers now offer gift cards and buying a $20 card now and again, when you can afford it, will give you that little extra to spend come Christmas time.

Make your own—the cooler winter months are a great time to make jam, chutneys, preserves and Christmas puddings, which can be given as gifts.

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Shop around—pick up items which may be on special, or in a sale and will keep until Christmas.

Use your time wisely—many people are keen to make their own Christmas cards, wrapping paper and decorations but simply run out of time. Set yourself small projects over the next couple of months and you’ll be ready by December.

Post early—with online shopping fewer people use Australia Post to deliver Christmas parcels overseas, but if you’re still keen send gifts by sea. This is a cheaper option but for many countries the last postage day is near the end of August/early September.

Be altruistic—think of things you can do for people, which won’t cost you a lot of money, but will mean the world to someone.

Book a trip with friends or family—rather than spending money on all the trimmings of Christmas, why not get together with friends or family and take a trip. It doesn’t have to be over Christmas as this is the most expensive time.

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