5th Feb 2018
Centrelink Q&A: Where is my Pension Concession Card?
Where is my concession card?

John hasn’t received his Pensioner Concession Card and wants to know where it is. Today, we update him on when they will be delivered and who to contact to find out more.

Q. John
I have just read the recent article on the reinstatement of Pensioner Concession Cards for those whose pensions were cancelled on 1 January 2017 and note that there were 94,000 to be delivered from 9 October 2017.

The question of many is: when will they all be delivered?

 A. Pension Concession Cards have all been sent to those who were due to have them reinstated. If you believe that your card was due to be reinstated and you have not yet received it, you should contact Centrelink directly.

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If you have a Centrelink question, please send it to newsletters@yourlifechoices.com.au and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.



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    Ted Wards
    5th Feb 2018
    80 of my clients who had theirs taken off them all said they received them late January. Wonder why John hasn't contacted Centrlink directly?
    Cowboy Jim
    5th Feb 2018
    John should check where his old card still works at the chemist, if
    it is reinstated it will carry the same number. Could be just that his
    letter was lost in the mail. Every time I leave the country and the card is cancelled they send me a new one which looks the same as the cancelled one.
    5th Feb 2018
    He can't get Centrelink on the phone, he's been on hold since January.
    5th Feb 2018
    It will arrive after the American firm have decided whether or not to give it to you, it's bound to be a cost cutting thing!
    5th Feb 2018
    Serco is a UK corporation. It is slowly taking over the world since it's beginning in the 1920s.

    A very clever company. Makes little profits but it will own Governments one of these decades in the future.
    5th Feb 2018
    I have a senios health card and I was sent a new one when the old one expired. Am I correct in assuming that I am eligible if they sent me the new one?- It took me ages to research and fill in the forms with all the appropriate information for the first one. I don't want to do that every year
    5th Feb 2018
    The onus is on the person to advise if they are no longer eligible for the CSHC as they auto renew each year.
    5th Feb 2018
    I have a "seniors card" that I got when I turned age 60 but it has never been replaced.
    Now at 65 I have a blue card that says "pensioner concession card" on the side where the signature is and it is due for replacement 2019. On the other side it says name and address and the tax file number.
    Cowboy Jim
    5th Feb 2018
    Charlie - that number is the Centrelink access number and not your tax file number. You'll get a new card automatically every two years and it has nothing to do with the "Seniors Card".
    5th Feb 2018
    Contact Centrelink pray tell how do you do that. This so called Gov. Department has little staff to respond to any inquiry but that may be as planned ,no Gov . Department could be so bad unless they have a motive.
    5th Feb 2018
    Floss, totally correct. Was on hold for 1 hour, 49 minutes, then when I got through they could not hear me for some reason, so they hung up. Phone service is appalling and getting worse. And can't go to local office if you live in remote Qld.
    5th Feb 2018
    you know,I had problems with contacting Centrelink,now I have NO problems as the longest I have had to wait in the last 4 plus years is 15 minutes,wanna know how,I go to Centrelink I do not ring them!
    5th Feb 2018
    you know,I had problems with contacting Centrelink,now I have NO problems as the longest I have had to wait in the last 4 plus years is 15 minutes,wanna know how,I go to Centrelink I do not ring them!

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