Simplifying forex trading

Bitcoin may be all the rage, but the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies makes it an incredibly risky gamble … especially so when the cost to get into the game is so high.

But there is a low-cost way to make a foray into the trading markets that is more stable and can offer solid returns for a minor investment.

It’s called foreign exchange trading, or forex trading for short, and basically means trading on worldwide currency markets.

Forex markets exchange around AUD$6 trillion each day, with one currency swapped for another by traders. A forex deal can be as simple as a currency exchange at a bank or foreign exchange teller.

To trade in currency markets, you first need to select a forex broker, a trading platform to suit your needs, and the currency pairing with which you want to trade.

Say you choose to pair Australian dollars (AUD) with US dollars (USD). The rate display indicates the number of Australian dollars one US dollar can purchase. Traders then purchase USD and if the value of that currency rises against the AUD they make a profit after closing the order. If the Australia dollar rises in the same transaction they will lose money.

The amount needed to begin forex trading can start from as little as AUD$100.

The three elements you need to commence trading are:

  • a forex broker
  • a forex trading platform
  • a solid forex trading strategy.


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