Stay warm with these winter specials

Back in my young days, my wife and I would visit her grandparents often. One thing we could never get over was their lounge room. The door was always closed, and the heater turned up to full power. It was like a furnace in there!

I always thought they were pretty weird, but I take it all back. Now that I am old and grey myself (or at least heading rapidly in that direction), I have become them! I will close all doors, seal all cracks and turn the fire up to full blast. Whatever it takes to try to keep warm.

And that includes tracking down warm clothes, stylish heaters and kitchen crockery – at the right price, of course. Just as granny and grandpa did, I love a bargain too!

On Target for winter

Stage 1 of my plan to ward off the winter willies is to check out Target’s Winter Sale. This includes clearance clothing at 50 per cent off. Right now, I’m looking after a dog in a house with large rooms. They are beautiful but struggle to retain heat. Target’s clearance clothing includes oversized hoodies – perfect for staying warm in those rooms. You can get a Star Wars or South Park version for $29, or the Spongebob Squarepants edition for just $25. They’re all reduced from $40. Spongebob will do me!

If you’re prepared to brave the cold outdoors, Target’s sale also includes a standard Graphic hoodie ($20), a Lonsdale London Woodbury Boonie Hat, and a Plus Size Long Sleeve Rugby Polo Shirt ($20).

Winter warmers for women include the ‘Lily Loves’ Patch Pocket Puffer Jacket (black or white) for just $20, a Plus Size Crew Neck Fleece Jumper (also $20) and the very stylish Lily Loves ‘Anne’ Lace Up Boot for just $25.

These are just some of Target’s winter clothing clearance specials. Check out the full range here and stay warm – and wealthy! – this winter.

Factory Buys

Of course, rugging up is just one way of warming up in winter. There’s nothing better than feeling the direct warmth emanating from a heater on a chilly winter’s night. At Factory Buys, they have a heater on sale for almost every space – large or small.

For a bigger space, how about the 65cm Electric Fireplace Heater Wall Mounted 1800W Stove with Log Flame Effect? This impressive-looking unit is currently priced at just $314.80, down from the recommended retail price (RRP) of $542.10.

If space is an issue, the 2000W Remote Portable Electric Tower Heater might be more suitable. It takes up very little floor space and is now just $149.80, which is under half its RRP.

And for those who like to entertain outdoors under cover in winter, consider the Thermastrip 24, a 2400W outdoor strip heater. This sleek heater comes in at a winter special price of $434.83 (RRP $750.07).

Best of all, you can pay for all of these Factory Buys specials in four interest-free instalments via Afterpay. These deals will warm you up even before your heater arrives. And that won’t take long, because Factory Buys promises fast shipping Australia wide.

Toasty and tasty with Le Creuset

There is another way to conquer the cold in winter – cooking! In fact I warmed up the large kitchen/living space in the house where I’m currently staying with a roast this week. Both the roast itself and the oven’s heat did the trick.

That’s inspired me to do some more cooking over the winter months. But, of course, I’ll need the right equipment, and good quality equipment at that. And to my mind there’s none better than Le Creuset. 

It just so happens that Le Creuset is having a winter sale. Fortunately, I already have one of their iconic cast iron round casserole dishes. It set me back a pretty penny, but I’ve never regretted that purchase. And now, this classic dish is on special at $525, 30 per cent off the ticket price of $750. For a lifetime investment, it’s well worth considering.

While its casserole dish is its signature, Le Creuset’s full range is just as impressive, and many items in it are also on special. There’s the toughened non-stick Japanese egg pan, down from $160 to $112, the set of three stainless steel mixing bowls (with lids) at $110 (20 per cent off) or the beautiful stoneware rainbow set of six cereal bowls, reduced from $170 to $136.

Check out Le Creuset’s full range of winter specials here. They are all on sale until 1 July, while stocks last.

Have you spotted a good deal? Or found a great special worth sharing? Let us know via the comments section below.

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Brad Lockyer
Brad Lockyer
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