300 ways to save money

VicSuper has put together a handy PDF to help you get your money in order. With information on saving smarter, creating a personal spending plan, untangling your superannuation and an introduction to investing for women, this ebooklet is a great reasource. To get you started YOURLifeChoices shares 10 of the 300 ways to save money suggested.

  1. Save on your power bill by washing in cold water.
  2. Turn the thermostat down on your water system.
  3. For coffee lovers – buy an espresso machine. A large initial outlay could save you hundreds!
  4. Don’t use standby. Australian households spend almost $1 billion per year in standby power. It’s around 10 per cent of the average electricity bill.
  5. Clean the clutter off the top of your fridge. Poor ventilation can add up to 15 per cent of the energy cost of running your fridge.
  6. Need to redo your garden? Ask family and friends for cuttings or bulbs from their established plants and save a fortune!
  7. Use your oven on fan-forced rather than conventional as it uses around 30 per cent less energy.
  8. Do your laundry during off-peak times if your contract has an off-peak option.
  9. Install a water-efficient showerhead to save up to $100 per year.
  10. Don’t build too much storage. The more storage space we have, the more stuff we buy to fill it!

For more practical money advice, download the VicSuper PDF here. You can also visit the VicSuper website at www.vicsuper.com.au.