Boost your super using TTR

Did you know you could start receiving income from your superannuation while you’re still working?

Boost your super using TTR

Did you know you could start receiving income from your superannuation while you’re still working? No? Well maybe it’s time you considered a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy. When set up properly, TTR can benefit your retirement plans in a number of ways.

Once you reach preservation age, which is determined by your date of birth, you can be paid an income from your superannuation. Once you turn 60, the income is tax free.  In addition, any investment earnings on the funds in your income stream TTR account will no longer be taxed, regardless of your age.

You can also continue working, so you keep making contributions to grow your superannuation. What’s more, if your financial position allows, you can salary sacrifice into your super and save tax at the same time, giving your super balance a boost.

And last, but by no means least, using the income stream TTR account might mean you’re able to reduce the hours you work, or even take up a hobby. Both of which may make the physical and emotional transition to retirement as seamless as the financial.

Nicholas Keats*, a Financial Planner who works with AustralianSuper members, said, “One of the great features of a transition to retirement strategy is its flexibility. You can ease into retirement by gradually working less, while building up your super balance and enjoying tax advantages. But there are lots of issues to consider, so it’s wise to discuss your options with your super fund and seek qualified financial advice before you decide what works best for you.”

Of course, to make the most of your superannuation and retirement income, you need to consider your own personal financial circumstances. This should be discussed with a financial planner to ensure the best outcome.

Find out more from AustralianSuper about how a TTR strategy could work for you.

* Nicholas Keats is an Authorised Representative of Industry Fund Services Limited ABN 54 007 016 195 AFSL 232514.

This article has been sponsored by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd ABN 94 006 457 987, AFSL 233788. The views expressed are those of YourLifeChoices and not necessarily the views of AustralianSuper. The article contains general information and you should consider if it is right for you. For more information, please visit


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    6th Dec 2015
    Get some good advice first, because if you don't top it back up your retirement savings could be reduced at a much earlier age. Also, you are missing out on compound interest.
    6th Dec 2015
    Agreed, but you draw the TTR and use the extra cash left over to top up your Super fund even more!!!! And max out your Salary Sacrifice payments!!!

    Q. How do you spell rort In three letters???

    Ans. TTR!!!!

    It's a laugh all the way to the bank bypassing the tax man!!!

    A better rort, yes even far better than TTR, is to draw down on your spouse's Super money and SS to the hilt into your Super while you are still working!!!! It only works if your spouse is older than you and you both work till pensionable age!!!!

    Then your Super money is TAX free!!!! Wow, who dreamt up this lawful tax rort???? Learn the rules and then play the game!!!!

    Some grow old and automatically get the Aged Pension, others have to work really real hard to get it!!!!!! I am spending really hard to get the Aged Pension, which I am told is a retirees entitlement!!!!! Even YLC supports that view!!! What those on the Age Pension don't fully realise is what a wonderful and extremely generous system it is!!!! I am prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get it!! I hope one day that I will be an Aged Pensioner ... That is my current goal!!!!

    PS. I support the view that Aged Pension payments should be greatly increased!!!! I am totally on the side of Aged Pensioners!!!
    7th Dec 2015
    Yes, I also like putting money into your younger spouse's super account when you reach pension age. Your spouses super is not counted in any asset test until they are of pension age too.
    7th Dec 2015
    Sundays, yes, and that then 'entitles' the older spouse to get the Aged Pension!!!! Not 100% sure if that is still the case but it was the advice we were given by our Super mob. Unfortunately nearly all 'financial advice' I have been give by experts has turned out to be bad advice because when you finally get to the stage to use that advice to your financial advantage the rules change!!!! My wife still breaks out is a rash when you speak about Salary Sacrifice as she followed that advice and got got badly stung when she retired during the the Global Financial Crash. But hey, who didn't lose savings for retirement in the Crash??? Oh, that's right, I forgot, those on welfare did not suffer any financial loss did they!!!!
    old-age worker
    9th Dec 2015
    To Peterrj:

    Re: " But hey, who didn't lose savings for retirement in the Crash???"
    Why? I am no financier. I am no mega-mathematician, I am no stock market guru. I just saw it coming and moved my super into a portfolio based on Australian cash.
    Then when I thought it was safe, I moved it out of cash to a more productive strategy.
    I still dont know why my Super fund couldn't do the same!!

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