Make super fair in two minutes

In this short video, a 10-year-old explains how to make super fair for all.

Make super fair in two minutes

Do you want to make super fairer for all? Then why not watch this two-minute video of a 10-year-old explaining how to do exactly that.


Now that you’ve seen the video, you can help Bernie Fraser, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, spread the word by sharing it with your family and friends. You’ll find more at GetUp, one of Australia's largest campaigning communities.


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    21st May 2015
    Abbot and Hockey are NOT listening.
    21st May 2015
    question: if you adopted the spirit of the video and gave 100% tax break on super contributions to the, say, bottom 50% of income earners tailing off to, say, 5% for the top 20% of earners who do you think would put more money into super? BTW that little girl denigrating her grandma for giving her a lousy present tends to undermine the whole point of the video.
    21st May 2015
    What a blatantly political and meaningless ad.
    21st May 2015
    So more complaints about the people that pay most of the tax getting the biggest tax breaks. This is clearly aimed at people that do not think. Just look at the graphic. Proportionally it is suggesting not a tax break to the low income earners but a subsidy. I wonder where that would come from. Oh yes from the tax paid by the high income earners.
    25th May 2015
    Targeted at people who are having a go!
    A fairer method would be to have a reasonable benefit limit of say 25 x Average Yearly Earnings (now at $75,000) = $1,875,000. After which any contributions are after tax and income tax is paid at top rate. That way you don't encourage a race to mediocrity.
    The ad made the 10 year old look a little supercilious.

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