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Super funds are short-changing retirees, report finds

Superannuation industry labelled an ‘unlucky lottery'.

Explained … the changes to super rules from 1 July

Several changes to super introduced in recent Budgets are about to kick off on 1 July.

$10 billion super shortfall compromises retirement for millions

A $10 billion shortfall in super savings is expanding, according to new research.

Super returns bounce back to growth

Two months of losses reversed by superannuation funds as shares pile on the fat.

Less red tape, greater flexibility in new super rules

Less red tape, more flexibility expected after overhaul.

Australian super funds suffer second monthly decline in returns

Australian super funds suffer second monthly decline in returns but there's still good news.

Property slump sounds warning bell for super funds

Former PM issues warning on ramifications for funds.

Post GFC bull market delivers massive super fund windfalls

Australia's top super funds reporting massive windfalls due to bullish market.

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