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Commission accuses regulators of being too soft

Findings of bad behaviour ranging from disappointing to downright shocking.

Super inquiry week one: what we’ve learned so far

Bank-owned funds' bad behaviour exposed in probe.

The top 20 super funds that may really be ripping you off

Members matter when it comes to claims of high fees charged by super funds.

Which super funds leave members most satisfied?

Industry super fund members report being more satisfied than retail customers.

Super funds are ‘exploiting’ members: ASIC chairman

ASIC chairman reminds sector it is built on other people's money.

Government moves could lead to super fund premium increase

APRA confirms that Government moves could increase super fund fees.

Super fund members can expect a better second half of 2018

SuperRatings says fund members can expect a much better second half of 2018.

Super fund outperforming the pack by a significant margin

One Australian super fund is outperforming the pack by a significant margin.

Do I really need $1 million to retire?

It's never too early to start working out how much you need for your retirement.

Super funds are short-changing retirees, report finds

Superannuation industry labelled an ‘unlucky lottery'.

Explained … the changes to super rules from 1 July

Several changes to super introduced in recent Budgets are about to kick off on 1 July.

$10 billion super shortfall compromises retirement for millions

A $10 billion shortfall in super savings is expanding, according to new research.

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