Share-based insurance bonds

YOURLifeChoices member Deirdre would like to buy an investment product for her grandchildren but can she do this without a financial advisor being involved?

Q. Deirdre
I would like to set up an investment for my three granddaughters and believe share based insurance bonds is the way to go. Do I need a financial advisor to do this, or can I set it up myself?

A. Share based insurance bonds, or growth bonds as they are also known, can be arranged by contacting your chosen financial institution. However, we would never recommend that you make any financial investment decision without first discussing your options with an independent financial advisor. If you do not already have your own planner, you can find one in your area by visiting the National Investment Centre on Retirement Income –

If you do decide to go ahead and arrange by yourself, you should be aware of how such investments may affect any Centrelink payments you are receiving. You may wish to read YOURLifeChoices article, Money: you just can’t give it away, for reference. 

Written by Debbie McTaggart