The best kitchen appliances as voted by Australians

You’re not alone if some of your home appliances have seen better days. Blades get blunt, heat starts to escape and sometimes things just stop working.

Fortunately, the pre-Christmas sales are here, and this is a great chance to stock up on kitchen appliances (or Christmas presents) at a discount.

But knowing which brands to choose, or how to compare models, can be daunting. And let’s face it – who has time to compare products, especially in the middle of the festive season?

With perfect timing for the sales season, Finder Retail Awards has done the hard yards for you. These awards ask Australians which brands they love and rely on most; we crunch the numbers and the awards go to those brands that come out on top. We used leading data-consultation company Kantar to analyse the results of more than 8000 surveys from 3000-plus Australians about their recent purchases.

So, if you need some new kitchenware but don’t know where to start, here are our picks of some of the best appliance brands in 2020, voted by people who are already using and loving them.

1. Best rated air fryer brand: Kmart
Air fryers can cook, bake and roast a huge variety of foods from hot chips to banana bread using a lot less oil than a deep fryer. They’re similar to convection ovens, relying on air and heating instead of oil to cook your food. This means you can match the taste and texture of fried food without the fat. What’s not to love?

Kmart was the top-performing air fryer brand at the Finder Retail Awards, scoring an overall rating of 4.48, along with a 94 per cent recommendation rating. Kmart air fryers ranked most highly for their ease of cleaning (4.48), value for money (4.40) and cooking performance (4.38); even better, these are some of the most budget-friendly air fryers on the market.

2. Best rated blender brand: KitchenAid
Smoothies, juices, slushies and cocktails are an Aussie staple during the warmer months, so if that sounds like you, a decent blender is essential. What makes a great blender? Wattage and blades, and jug capacity. You can also choose between a stick or benchtop model.

Consumers voted for KitchenAid as their preferred blender maker, with the brand scoring 4.35 overall. KitchenAid outranked many other popular brands for its features and functions (4.45), ease of use (4.40) and value for money (4.30). Around 90 per cent of people we surveyed recommend a KitchenAid blender. 

3. Best rated coffee grinder brand: Maxim
For many, coffee is the most important part of the morning. If you like to have your coffee at home, the right coffee machine is crucial. Grinder machines make fresher, better-tasting coffee, which makes them so popular.

Maxim was voted by our respondents as the preferred coffee grinder brand, scoring 4.30 overall. Maxim ranked the best for value for money (4.37), ease of cleaning (4.37) and performance (4.33).

4. Best rated pressure cooker brand: Tefal
Using the power of steam, pressure cookers can cook a variety of favourite foods from roast dinners to chocolate cake so much faster than the oven. When the cooker is heated, the liquid inside boils into steam, increasing the pressure inside the pot. This speeds up the cooking time of your meal, without drying it out.

Tefal came out on top as the best-rated pressure cooker brand, scoring an overall rating of 4.49. It ranked favourably for its ease of use (4.51), value for money (4.38) and cooking performance (4.38). Around 92 per cent of our respondents would recommend Tefal’s pressure cooker models.

5. Best rated food processor brand: Aldi
A food processor is a time-pressured-cook’s dream, shaving a decent chunk of time off your food preparation. You can chop, grate, slice and dice a variety of foods to make dips, sauces, crumbs – whatever your recipe requires. When comparing food processors, look out for the size and capacity of your model. Some food processors will also come with different attachments or accessories, such as slicing discs, dough kneading tools and citrus presses.

Aldi took out the top spot as the best ranked food processor brand, with the supermarket giant ranking 4.48 overall. A whopping 96 per cent of consumers would recommend Aldi food processors. The brand scored well across performance (4.56), ease of cleaning (4.52) and safety (4.46).

If you want to view the full list of winning brands and appliances, visit the 2020/2021 Finder Retail Awards hub.

Kate Browne is a personal finance expert at Finder.

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