What are the most popular items at the EOFY sales?

The end of the financial year means two things – tax time and EOFY sales. Filling out your tax return can be a bit of a pain, but the sales are a great opportunity to nab that big-ticket item you’ve had your eye on.

Consumer group CHOICE has revealed the most researched sales items and, perhaps unsurprisingly, home appliances dominate the list.

Check out what Australians are looking at.


By far the most searched item on the CHOICE website are dishwashers. Not a complete surprise, as people are looking to save money where they can and a dishwasher can help you do that.

Improved design means today’s dishwashers are very efficient and use far less water than handwashing.

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CHOICE whitegoods expert Ashley Iredale says the number one piece of advice he would give to prospective dishwasher buyers is to make sure the unit can actually fit your dishes.

“There’s no point buying a great new dishwasher if you can’t fit your dinnerware in it,” he says.

“The rack configuration is really important, too. That’ll have the biggest impact on the liveability of your new dishwasher and how easy it is for you to stack. Adjustable racks are very handy.”

Washing machines

How big do you need the unit to be? Are you after a front loader or top loader? What features are essential?

Mr Iredale says if you’re concerned about your energy bills and power usage, a front loader is the way to go.

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“They’re usually a little more expensive to buy upfront, but a front loader washing machine uses a lot less water than a top loader and because most of the energy that goes into doing your laundry is used heating that water, they’re the more energy efficient choice,” he says.

“Over the long run, it’s a more affordable option, considering the savings you’ll make on energy and water.”


The most searched-for non-appliance item is mattresses, CHOICE says. They’re not the easiest thing to shop for, and finding one that’s comfortable and also fits your budget can be tricky.

Memory foam, innerspring, or adjustable? The type of mattress you select should reflect the type of sleeper you are.

For those who sleep on their sides, memory foam may be the best option as it provides the most support for your shoulders and hips. If you’re more of a stomach sleeper then the firmer feeling of an innerspring mattress might be a better fit.

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Whatever you buy, CHOICE mattress expert Peter Zaluzny says not to pay full price at EOFY sales time – even the on-sale price. He says most retailers will be willing to discount the price further if you ask.

“We’ve found many retailers have a lot of room to move when it comes to price,” he says.

“In the last batch we bought, we managed to negotiate a cheaper price on a mattress more than 50 per cent of the time, in one case knocking almost half (49 per cent) off the recommended retail price!”

Air fryers

The benchtop fryers have become hugely popular in recent years, thanks to being much healthier – and safer – than a deep fryer.

When looking for an air fryer, CHOICE kitchen expert Fiona Mair says the most important thing to check is whether the unit will fit on your benchtop.

“They’re quite large and you probably want to keep it on your benchtop to get the most use out of it,” she says. 

“An air fryer is essentially just a mini oven. They are particularly good at cooking things such as chicken nuggets, steaks and chips, but they’re no healthier than cooking these foods in your oven.”

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