Changes to Energy Supplement for CSHC holders

Celia can’t understand why her Energy Supplement has ceased.

centrelink energy supplement screen

Celia lost her Energy Supplement after being issued with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC), but can't understand why it is still being paid to other holders of this concession card.

Q. Celia
My Age Pension card was cancelled as of 1/1/2017 and I was re-issued with a CSHC due to my asset threshold changes. I no longer receive any Age Pension payments. However, my friend who had a CSHC all along, still receives her Energy Supplement. How come I don't get this supplement along with my CSHC?  

A. The Energy Supplement eligibility, in relation to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC), changed as of 20 March 2017. If you were receiving an income support payment as at 19 September 2016 and then lost it, then claimed for a CSHC at a later date, you should still continue to be paid the Energy Supplement. However, you must make a claim for a CSHC within 42 days of losing your income support payment.

Therefore, if you were in receipt of the Age Pension as at 19 September 2016 and were issued a CSHC on 1 January after the asset threshold changes, you should be receiving the Energy Supplement.

You should contact Centrelink to enquire as to why you are not receiving this payment.

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    10th Apr 2017
    Goodness, if you have your age pension cancelled because of assets threshold, surely, you would not need the pittance energy supplement, would you? I can imagining all the wealthy, politician serving and retired claiming it too.
    10th Apr 2017
    Every penny counts.
    10th Apr 2017
    Silly comment - Celia has a genuine problem
    Case is not about whether she morally should receive the Energy Supplement but about fairness at Centrelink - some in her situation get it & some don't.
    10th Apr 2017
    If some get it and some don't then clearly their situations are not the same.
    10th Apr 2017
    Silly comment - Celia has a genuine problem
    Case is not about whether she morally should receive the Energy Supplement but about fairness at Centrelink - some in her situation get it & some don't.
    10th Apr 2017
    Because my super fund has been performing well, I'm just over the asset cap, and was chopped off the Age Pension on 1/1/2017. I am not anywhere near the pensions granted to themselves by the politicians, who sail blissfully along in that hallowed realm of untouchable and ever-rising pensions and entitlements. I am beyond the age and health level to go back to work, and although I have paid my taxes and got few benefits for many working years, under Abbott and Hockey's brutal budget cuts I have also lost the benefit of cheaper driver's licence, car rego, and land and water rates. I will NEVER vote for the LNP again!!
    10th Apr 2017
    I'm with you "disillusioned" Up the LNP.
    Worked hard all my life paid my taxes, always careful with money,
    never borrowed. Retired and get nothing.
    I would spend, have holidays, new cars and get a pension and all the benefits that go with it
    10th Apr 2017
    Don't vote Labor or Greens either, I am afraid they can all be "tarred" with the same brush. Pensions for all, it is our right.
    10th Apr 2017
    Give it her. Pensions for all.
    10th Apr 2017
    We are in the same position as Celia. However we received a payment of $59.05 each on the 23rd March. No explanation except it referenced our CSHC. So I assume it is the energy supplement payment????? If it is, it looks like Centrelink is paying it quarterly...

    10th Apr 2017
    The problem could be because a new card has been issued. Our supplier needs to be notified each and every time a new card is issued or the concession is withdrawn.
    10th Apr 2017
    This is going to be a regular event with this government. Some of this community are not taking an interest in the range of policies this government is trotting out. What needs to be clear is very straight forward: the rich are getting large tax cuts coming their way and the rest of the nation is getting new taxes, concessions decreased or taken away altogether and cuts in basic services.
    About time older Australians started to turn off the propaganda on the TV and made a decision to vote this corrupt government out so that an incoming one can repeal some of the wicked attacks on those who are already doing it toung. Millionaires do not need tax cuts. They need to pay their rightful taxes.

    17th Jun 2017

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