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With the new year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to have an end-of-year clear out.

Find an op shop

With the new year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to have an end-of-year clear out. But once you’ve sorted and culled and organised, what do you do with the (hopefully large) pile of stuff you no longer want? Donating your unwanted goods to a worthy cause is often easier than finding somewhere to throw them out (and you get bonus good karma points too).

To make it simple you can use this op shop finder website, which locates all the op shops in your local area. You can choose to donate your goods to your nearest op shop, or find one run by a charity you wish to support. Whichever way you go, you can dispose of your goods for free and you will probably put a smile on someone else’s face.



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    Old Geezer
    28th Dec 2016
    I regularly visit op shops. They have some good stuff at a fraction of the price one pays elsewhere.
    28th Dec 2016
    Our VINNIES Closed :-( 3 Months back :-( :-(
    28th Dec 2016
    I love op shops, you can almost always find something some one has got sick of or grown out of
    28th Dec 2016
    Our local opshop used to be good, but prices went up, why pay $5 for a basic tshirt when I can get one for new often at the same price or a little more. Sometimes less on sale. Also they always have half price sale on holiday season so all the tourists get the bargains! And us locals have to pay full price all year. I have found better ones further away and was so surprised at their prices were so cheap compared to our local. So it does pay to shop around even in op shops.
    28th Dec 2016
    Our T Shirts were a Buck Fifty :-) Even New ones :-) :-) but they're Closed now :-( :-(
    And the Salvos ? :-( You may as well go to Big W or Target !! :-) :-)
    28th Dec 2016
    The problem still exists where well meaning people donate things that are just trash that needs to be taken to the tipat the expense of the charity, e.g warn out dirty socks or pre loved undies. If donating please donate items that are saleable or that you would buy, or no karma applies
    28th Dec 2016
    I've seen that so often :-( People Dumping Rubbish at a Charity :-( :-( And Useless Clothing Items :-(
    They should be Traced and Jailed !! :-)
    28th Dec 2016
    I found crusty knickers in a bag while volunteering at an op shop. Charming, whoever the donor was.
    28th Dec 2016
    Maybe people should have to leave their details when donating then they might learn to be sensible about their donations. They are doing away with the op shop bins in our area because of the rubbish in them and because they haven't got the staff to sort through it. You are supposed to go into the shop when they are open but I still see bags and boxes left outside the stores.
    28th Dec 2016
    In the town where I live they don't stay there long before getting Knocked Off !! :-) I hope they find those Crusty DNA Knickers when they get the Booty home ! :-) :-) :-)
    28th Dec 2016
    This list is not complete. The Anglican op shop in Goonellabah (Lismore) isn't there!
    30th Dec 2016
    Generally the op shops run by the Anglican Church are the best - cheap, friendly, clean and loads of variety
    Toora in South Gippsland is great

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