Where can you find freebies?

Rachel shares the best ways to find the things you need for free.

Free red vintage leather sofa on the street

What’s the best way to save money on an item? Find it for free! Here are the best ways to find the things you need for free, without having to wait for hard rubbish day.

All of the following websites allow the good people of Australia to pass on their unwanted items for free. Many people give away good items that they could have chosen to sell instead, so it’s important to remember to say thank you, and if it’s something large or expensive, it can be advisable to take something with you as a thank you (but only if you can afford it). A jar of homemade jam is a good example of this, or simply repay the kindness by listing your own unwanted (but still useful) goods.

The Ziilch website allows people to list items they wish to give away for free, right across Australia. It’s an update on the original ‘Freecycle’ website, and it’s much easier to use. The website has everything from appliances to furniture and clothes, travel goods and pet supplies. You can search by the type of item you need, and your location, to see who is giving something away for free.

The original home of free giving, the Freecycle network is arranged into different groups by location. Find and join your local group, and see what is being given away for free near you.

Give Away Free Stuff
There are several Facebook groups that start with the words ‘Give Away Free Stuff’ – try looking up ‘Give Away Free Stuff Melbourne’ or ‘Give Away Free Stuff Sydney’ on Facebook. You need to join the group to see what is being given away, and you can only join your local group, but they can be especially handy if you need something specific. At the start of each month you can request items you need in the monthly request posts, which allows people to look through their sheds to see if they have what you require. Just be sure to read the group rules – the moderators can be very strict on those who don’t follow such rules.

Have you used any of these websites? Do you know of any other places where you can shop for free?



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    7th Feb 2017
    The pop ups on either side of your newsletter are more than annoying!! The facebook, twitter google etc that keeps popping up on the left-hand side blocks the article you are trying to read. Once they have been clicked off they should stay off!!!
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    I've had some in the middle of articles too - quite regularly.
    I find that even more annoying..

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