Fine dining on the high seas

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Not everyone can make it to New York to dine at the famous Le Cirque restaurant, but for those who are taking a Holland America cruise anytime soon, Le cirque will come to you.

A popular dining option onboard all Holland America Line (HAL) ships, this is the one dining experience you won’t want to miss. Created in consultation with Le Cirque’s Executive Chef Craig Hopson, HAL Master Chef Rudi Sodamin has recreated the ultimate dining experience for all to enjoy.

Depending on the length of the cruise, at least one night, maybe two, the Pinnacle Dining Room is transformed to Le Cirque. Delicious dishes are served on the vibrant orange china made famous by the world-renowned restaurant, making it as much a feast for the eyes as the palate. Well-selected wines accompany the food, providing a giddiness to your evening.

These nights book up quickly, so once you’ve booked your cruise, it’s advisable to go online to and make a reservation. The price is US$49 per person, per evening – a fraction of the cost to eat at the original. Interested? Why not take a look at the sample menu

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    The dining on any Oceania ship would be a hard act to follow. They claim to have the finest cuisine at sea. I would agree. Plus there is no charge to dine in any of the speciality restaurants.

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    I have dined in HAL’s Pinnacle dining room on a number of occasions, several of them being Le Cirque nights. I prefer the Pinnacle’s own menu and style to Le Cirque. I shared this opinion with the Maitre D… he replied that this is an opinion they get often.

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    We are governed by cost to a great degree, though we could stretch the budget to a night at Le Cirque (for a surcharge of US$49). But frankly, we would be unlkely to. HA also offer a dining package – one meal at The Pinnacle and another at Canaletto – for US$35. This is much better value, though that may not be consideration to some.



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