Flight booking mistakes

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Sometimes you just can’t avoid paying more than you would like when booking flights, but there are a few things you can do to avoid overspending.

  • Don’t just search for flights on one website such as webjet.com. Try other sites including expedia.com or flightcentre.com.au as well.
  • Sign up to various travel websites to receive regular emails with their travel deals, if you are prepared to be flexible with your travel dates you can snap up some cheap fares this way.
  • Find out which in-flight services are offered. If meals are not included in the cost of your fare, you can end up spending quite a lot of money purchasing food and beverages in-flight or from the airport.
  • Try to avoid flying on a Friday or a Sunday as these are popular days for most travellers to fly and the airlines tend to inflate their fares on these days.
  • Look at alternative airports. A lot of cities have one major airport as well as others on the outskirts or further out of town. A good example is London which has Heathrow airport as it’s major hub, as well as Gatwick and Stansted airports.
  • Check the hidden costs of seemingly cheap fares – you may find that you will end up paying the same, if not more, in taxes and luggage costs.
  • Take into account the costs of transport to and from the airport, especially for alternative or smaller airports. You may save a truckload of money on your airfare, but the cost of getting into town from the airport may see you spending the money you’d saved on the flight.

Do you have any advice for fellow travellers on how to avoid paying too much for their flights?

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Written by Andrea


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    Get a rich “sugar daddy” to pay your fares…Geoffrey Edelston comes to mind…oh just remembered the Amercicans are now chasing him through the courts and he could end up bankgrupt ‘..again!

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      Sometimes mistakes can have a happy ending.

      Long story short. Remarried, booked trip to NZ, arrived at airport at 10.30 p.m. to catch the “red eye” direct to NZ from Perth.

      Told by Qantas staff, sorry, cannot go, passport name does not match ticket as still in previous married name.
      Drove 1 hour back home went back next night to catch the same flight (they rebooked us, no charge) . Had my Marriage Certificate which they sighted and were allowed to fly.

      Upshot was we were “upgraded” to Business Class all the way to NZ.

      Reason I believe is we made no fuss but accepted it was our fault and were polite and pleasant to the Qantas staff.

      I could see no point in getting all het up; it was my fault I should have realised the error.

      So fellow travellers always make sure your documentation is all in the same name and the spelling is correct.

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    This youtube example is amusing, but holds lots of “truths”
    Cheap Flights For 50p – Irish

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    From my experience, and searching for my ‘dream holiday’ to the UK, the airline’s website is usually much cheaper than any other website like Flight Centre, Webjet, Expedia.

    Always find out if you can pay for your booking by bank transfer or Bpay, rather than by credit or debit card. I know that BA has an Australian bank account & will allow you to pay by bank transfer and ‘hold’ the fare for you for 3 days. The airline will then send you the banking information by e-mail. Do the transfer by internet banking, print the transaction receipt from your bank, scan and save as a PDF, then attach the PDF to the reply e-mail. Once they’ve received the confirmation and funds, they’ll send you the tickets. – Easy as.

    Rather than printing and scanning documents, download CutePDF Writer from the internet. This will then come up as a ‘printer’ option. When you need to print to PDF, just choose this printer and it will ask you where to save the document. Rename and save in an appropriate folder.

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    thanks SuziJ. Great net/printer info.



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