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Foldable luggage is like a spare pair of underwear. You never quite know when you’ll need it when you pack it, but when it comes in handy you couldn’t imagine not having it.

I was reminded of this on our most recent trip to Italy, so recent that I am still on the train from Milan to Rome, having not quite made it back to London. As per usual I managed to cram quite an impressive amount into my carry-on suitcase, which, incidentally, I had to check in as I had precious liquids over 100ml as a gift for my mum. For some reason I struggled even more this time to close the case. While I barely did any shopping, my mum had very thoughtfully brought me some gifts that I now had no room for… 

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending due to mum being prepared by having a spare tote bag at the ready, which, at the ready, zips up into a neat little square smaller than most wallets. A welcome sight indeed, I unzipped the tote did some reshuffling and happily transported my tin of home baked ANZAC biscuits back to London. 

The moral of the story? Don’t ever leave home without a spare bag!

Foldable bags obviously make the best bags as they take up little space and then transform to save the day when needed. They’re both easy to transport and save you having to buy another bag at your destination or the airport. Here are four of my top picks: 

There’s a reason these bags are everywhere. Several reasons in fact: they are comfortable to carry, made of durable fabric, good quality, look great, come in a range of sizes and colours, and fold up into a compact rectangle plus handle. Best used as a day or evening bag, or extra carry-on item.


The only beach bag I travel with, this Tigerlily bag stuffs into its own pocket to pack down into a tiny square. Made of recycled and sturdy fabric, it’s big enough to fit all your beach-going items, plus the bright prints are equal parts pretty and playful.

High Sierra

This is the bag my mum presented that saved the day in Italy. Made of lightweight material, yet deceptively sturdy, it folds and zips up into a small pack the size of a wallet. This is a great option as an airline carry-on or a larger tote for day trips.

Similar by Go Travel 


Ok so this is a slightly more substantial option, but for longer trips or if you’re a big shopper, these foldable suitcases may be the answer for you! 

Why not see how foldable luggage works? 

Do you know of any other fantastic foldable bags for travelling? Tell us about them in the comments. 

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    Does anybody know where some of these articles are available??? I’d be interested to know the weight of the foldable luggage and other bags. Worth remembering that some types of plastics go sticky in hot humid// just hot//just humid weather



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