Extra cooking uses for Vegemite

You’ve got your classics: cheese and Vegemite on toast, Vegemite and lashings of butter on toast, boiled eggs and Vegemite soldiers (more toast). But if you step away from toast-based Vegemite dishes, what’s left?

Well, according to the culinary world, the spreadable goo is ‘having a moment’, with chefs getting through jars of the stuff by making the most of its umami flavour, and chucking it in everything.

The brand, meanwhile, has been busy diversifying, producing everything from crackers and nuts to Vegemite Cheesybite spread.

So, how can you make your yellow-topped jar work hard at home? Here are a few ideas …

Please note, some of these have been adapted from recipes calling for Marmite, so we’re going against the grain here … A little punchier, a little less sweet, a little saltier, a little less MSG. All in all, a good trade we think.

1. In fried chicken
A little Vegemite in your fried chicken marinade – why not? Marmite chicken is a staple for vendors on Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur (also known as food street), so it must work quite well.

2. In cheesy pastry
Buttery pastry, lots of cheese and charred leeks, all laced with Vegemite? It’s a genius move. Bakers Delight knows what they’re doing with their ‘cheesymite scroll’ and they aren’t too hard to whip up at home either.

3. In sausages
Vegemite sausages and cheddar mash makes so much delicious sense. In fact, through a little research we’ve discovered that multiple butchers have Vegemite and cheese snags on offer, and Coles even released their own once for Australia Day!

4. In a powder
One for wannabe MasterChef contestants, turn Vegemite into powder and sprinkle the savoury dust on whatever you fancy. What else would you possibly do with Australia’s favourite breakfast spread?

Apparently, you only need one ingredient and three simple steps:

  • spread Vegemite onto some baking paper and put it in a cool, dry place for around three days
  • once it’s dry, remove paper and place dry Vegemite into a blender
  • blend into a powder, and voila!

We’re a little sceptical about this one.

5. In spaghetti bolognaise
If you’re out of stock cubes, or just want to add a bit of depth to your tomato sauce, stir through a teaspoon of Vegemite – it really does the trick.

6. On popcorn
Step away from the salted caramel sauce and icing sugar, and douse homemade popcorn with Vegemite instead.

7. On roast cauliflower
Vegan, dairy free, gluten free. It may not go down quite so well as cauliflower cheese, but worth a try …

8. On tempeh or tofu
For those who are plant-based, Vegemite is completely vegan – so slather it on as many meat substitutes as you can.

9. In pasta sauce
For a little umami pizzazz.

10. In cake
We all know to add mayo to cake mix to make it extra moist and delicious, but this may be a step too far. It depends on how much of a Vegemite lover you truly are, I guess!

How many are you willing to try?

– With PA

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