5 foods for younger-looking skin

While exercise and a good moisturiser can help to keep your skin looking youthful, it may be your diet which is the key to firm, healthy looking skin. So which foods have been proven to help reduce wrinkles and improve dryness?

Nuts, especially almonds, are high in antioxidants. The vitamin E they contain helps to fight skin ageing, and improves your skin’s ability to hold in moisture.

Red and green vegetables
Vitamin A helps your body to prevent cell damage which can lead to premature skin ageing. Orange-red vegetables contain beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A, and spinach and other leafy green veggies are high in vitamin A.

Citrus fruits
The protein which forms the basic structure of your skin is called collagen. It helps your skin to look firm and plump, but collagen breakdown can leave your skin looking wrinkled. Eating fruits rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, will help to boost your body’s production of collagen, which can tighten up loose skin.

Avoid sugar
It is thought that too much sugar in the blood can cause glucose molecules to damage your collagen by attaching to the collagen proteins, causing it to stiffen. Stiffer, less elastic collagen means lines, blotches and wrinkles are more likely to occur in your skin.

Consider a multivitamin
If you are struggling to eat enough of the right foods, consider taking a multivitamin containing vitamins A, C, B3 and E, which are all believed to help fight skin ageing. Many vitamin companies will make a ‘hair, skin and nails’ vitamin, which can also help to strengthen your nails and give you shinier hair. Just be sure to check which vitamins have been included in the combination.

Wear sunscreen
It may not be a food, but wearing sunscreen is the number one way to avoid skin ageing. A recent study found that women of all ages who wore sunscreen every day on the back of their hands experienced no sun-damage-related ageing over a number of years.

Do you have any tips for healthier, younger-looking skin? Share your experience in the comments below.

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