What’s you excuse for not following this diet?

Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos makes a compelling case as to why we should follow this diet.

Here’s what one portion of your five a day actually looks like

These nifty colour charts show how different fruit and vegetables compare.

Five things over-65s must consider when switching to a plant-based diet

Five things over-65s should know when switching to a plant-based diet.

Are these the weirdest food fads ever?

From cabbage soup to lots of pineapple, here are the weirdest diet trends in history.

Health benefits of eating strawberries and their tops

You should also eat the tops - they're tasty, sweet and packed with nutrients.

Can eating vegetarian increase life expectancy?

Seven ways that eating less meat could boost your health.

Science seals the verdict on tea

Do you start your day with a cuppa? Here's why you should.

How to … keep your produce fresher for longer

Try these scientific tips to help reduce food waste and your grocery bill.

Iconic food moments in films

From Spirited Away to Ratatouille, these are movies to whet your appetite.

Can this cafe ‘trick’ change what we eat?

How a nudge in the right direction can lead to healthier food choices.

Supercharge your diet with rye

Here's why you should switch to rye bread.

Six health benefits of oats

A humble bowl of porridge may be the best start to your day.

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