Comparing food prices online

It’s all very well and good to tell you to shop during sales, or buy discounted items, but how do you know which supermarkets are discounting the items you want? These online tools will help you save money and shop smarter by comparing the prices different supermarkets are charging for the same product.

Best Price Directory
The Best Price Directory is a little hit and miss. It aims to compare every shelf product (which excludes items such as milk and fresh vegetables) on offer in supermarkets. There is data for a number of products, but others are mysteriously lacking. Keep an eye on the Best Price Directory as its database builds up.

CheckNSave offers a similar service to Best Price Directory, however the site is much more complete and up to date. You can see the biggest price drops on the front page and browse by item or supermarket. The only drawback is it only compares between Coles and Woolworths. Visit the CheckNSave website to find out where you should be shopping.

Woolworths App
Woolworths has created an app for iPhone and Android. The app is free, and has features such as shopping lists arranged by the isles in your local Woolworths (which can be rearranged depending on your location), an item locator for when you are lost in the supermarket, and notifications for specials.

Coles App
Coles has created a free app called Coles Shopmate which is almost identical to the Woolworths app (except for the colour). It is only available on the iPhone.