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Coping with food intolerances can be a challenge but when you’re unsure of exactly what you can and can’t eat, it becomes even more difficult. Subscriber Jan is looking for some recipe advice which can help her manage an allergy to commercial preservatives.

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Coping with food intolerances can be a challenge but when you’re unsure of exactly what you can and can’t eat, it becomes even more difficult. Subscriber Jan is looking for some recipe advice which can help her manage an allergy to commercial preservatives.

Q. Jan

I am asking advice about recipes please as I am finding more and more supermarket foods are not suitable for me. I have been advised I have numerous food allergies, which are mainly nitrate and sulphate (preservatives in most commercial products). Reactions to these substances have caused me to spend many nights in emergency wards with heart problems.

I am also a diet-controlled diabetic although I haven’t had to change anything as I have been eating healthily for years.

Biscuits, custards, mayonnaise, sauces, gravy, bread, dried fruit, cheese, yogurt, fruit juices, concentrates, frozen foods and any product containing flour, as well as anything that has a reasonable shelf life, are out as all have these additives. Not all tinned food is free of additives either.

So, could I ask your assistance for suitable recipes?

Do you suffer similar dietary problems to Jan? Can you help with recipes which would accommodate her allergies?


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    17th Jan 2012
    Hello Jan,
    It is difficult when you have food intolerances.
    May I suggest that you always opt for fresh foods and not items that are pre made.
    Also there are numerous websites that offer preservative free recipes.
    All you need to do is google additive and preservative free recipes.
    Hope this helps Chris
    17th Jan 2012
    Have a look at the failsafe site for help and recipes.
    It wasn't around when I first discovered I had intolerances to preservatives.
    Be careful buying "fresh" grapes as they are sometimes treated with sulphur metabisulphate, (sp).
    I also bought a dehydrator and make my own jerky and dry fruits and veggies when I can get them cheap enough or grow enough of my own.
    17th Jan 2012
    It is not only grapes that have been treated, there are many other fruit and vegetables that are treated especially the ones that are not in season.
    The only grapes that are not treated are the small sultanas when they are in season,but you need to ask your grocer,most supermarket staff would not know.
    17th Jan 2012
    My garden mostly consists of edible plants now.
    A lot grown in large tubs.
    A pity that I haven't had any success with grapes and the rotten bats pinched all of my lychees again!
    I bought nets but I couldn't motivate hubby to get up a ladder and put them ov er the fruit trees.
    I'll have to get him to get the rest of the mangoes down now. e don't get many as I've kept the tree small.
    I discovered that blueberries grow extremely well in pots and also freeze well.
    I also have an electric hot food smoker and I'm trying to find room for a larger "cool" smoker to produce some other smallgoods. (I love my deli meats and am suffering skin rashes now due to eating some salami yesterday).
    17th Jan 2012
    I agree with most of the above, except smoking. Fresh ORGANIC is the only way to go. If you cannot source them, grow your own. There is also a book called Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates which looks to restoring your body to normal. Donna has also written The Baby Boomers Diet. Maria Hunt a Naturapath in Sydney has been trained by Donna and could help you. Today we have to be aware of the source of our food and it WILL become worse.
    As far as Diabetes is concerned, look at The Raw Family on the web. Victoria Boutenko healed her family of serious illness even Type 1 Diabetes her 9 year old son was diagnosed with! He is now 23 and perfectly healthy. This was ALL done with FRESH ORGANIC green smoothies. Good luck! Take one day at a time and make better choices and you will be O.K.
    17th Jan 2012
    Not everyone is in the position to buy really fresh organic food,but making better informative choices is the way to start
    17th Jan 2012
    I agree.
    17th Jan 2012
    I am a diabetic and I discovered an amazing little magazine called Australian Healthy Food. All the recipes are labelled with the appropriate diet labels, rated by a dietician and half the mag is dedicated to up to date news and information. Try it I am sure you will like it.
    17th Jan 2012
    Hi Jan,

    My work over the last 30 years has been on Australian wild foods and their nutritional content and collaborative work at various Universities and research labs has resulted in some amazing discoveries.

    Traditional free-foraging Aborigines had much higher intakes of antioxidants and ate a far wider variety of foods each year than we do today. In order to make wild foods more available for people with health challenges, I co-formulated a whole food nutritional based on wild foods called Kakadu Complex. While authorities do not allow us to make claims, I can say that many people who take Kakadu regularly tell us that they are better able to handle modern foods from many perspectives; blood sugar response, food sensitivities and intolerances, arthritic gout and chronic fatigue.

    It appears that high dose antioxidants coming from whole foods which are wild or at least minimally agricultured, provide a protective role against modern foods and food chemicals.

    And the problem is more insidious than initially meets the eye. Unfortunately, we are also breeding our fruits and vegetables to be larger, sweeter and more nutritionally dilute while levels of fibre and antioxidants fall and sucrose rises. Our main nutritional problems (obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue) are due to high blood insulin levels and insulin resistance in our cells. Sucrose (a minor to rare sugar in wild foods) in combination with fats in the diet lead to high blood sugar levels, high insulin, increased fat production and storage, exhausted pancreatic function and fatty organs.

    Somehow, increase your intake of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and functional phytonutrients and health is a lot easier to regain and maintain.

    Google my name if you want more information. I have many articles on my website that deal with these issues.
    18th Jan 2012
    Week days at 4pm on channel 10 a show called good chef & bad chef.
    good chef has a small segments with recipes for food intolerant people and explains the benefits for you. You can also get her recipes online

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