Eat well for less

Maggie Beer has become a champion for better food for older Australians, in particularly those in aged care. So who better to open the discussion on healthy food on a budget?

Here, Maggie shares her thoughts on why the preparation of food is just as important as the food itself and how food connects us all.

“When I think about the importance I place on my environment when I eat, or when I’m sharing a meal with people I care about, it makes absolute sense that the way food is prepared and brought to the table should be taken into consideration as a natural part of any meal. It is so important; equal to the food itself. And I see no reason for anyone to miss out on this aspect of pleasure when it comes to sharing the table, especially those in the later stages of their lives.

“We all know how it feels to sit down to eat with enough time, with care, with forethought, as opposed to hurriedly throwing something down while standing at the kitchen bench or in front of the computer. The difference in our state of mind contributes in a very real way to how well we chew our food, how well we digest our food and therefore the nutrients we actually uptake from each meal. Creating a pleasant environment with signs of obvious care for the meal that is being served has such an impact on the person receiving that meal. Offering a meal is one of the best forms of nurturing someone, so I’m hoping with my focus on this area, it will be a very real chance for staff and residents of aged care facilities, as well as ordinary Australians in their own homes, to connect with each other each day and provide the levels of nutrients that can make every difference to their health and well being.”

Maggie believes that good, healthy food should be available to all, especially older Australians. So she has kindly agreed to share with us one of her delicious recipes. Her Barossa Tomato Meatloaf is a nourishing way to eat red meat. Relatively simple to make, any leftover meatloaf can be frozen for another meal, making it incredibly budget-friendly. Serve with a salad to get your daily greens intake or simply enjoy it on its own.