Street food know-how

To truly experience the tastes of Thailand, don’t be afraid to try all of the delicacies on offer. Despite travellers concerns on cleanliness, most street food is safe to eat and perfect for the budget traveller.

Street food is not only delicious, but with the clanging of pots and sizzle of oil, it’s also great fun. YOURLifeChoices has done a bit of digging around to come up with some street food not to be passed by.

If you are looking for a cheap and nutritious snack during the day, Thailand has a variety of delicious fruits on offer. Some favourites are jackfruit, mangosteen, rambutan and sweet tamarind. Rambutan is similar to a prickly lychee and perfect with a scoop of ice cream. If you have a sweet tooth, thin crepes are on offer at most street corners and banana and sweetened condensed milk is a delicious topping combination not to be missed. Roasted walnuts are also a great snack and a perfect accompaniment to an ice cold Chang beer. Most meals and snacks can be purchased for less than a dollar – how can you go wrong?

For those looking for a savoury fix, dinner is an adventure in itself. If you want to err on the side of caution, only eat food which is cooked in front of you. The stall owner may protest but most will agree to ensure a sale. Busy places mean fresh food and a higher turnover. Most tourists will be happy to share their recommendations so don’t be afraid to ask. Stalls can be busy and crowded so moving away from the throng will mean your eating environment will be cleaner. Barbecue skewers, hot corn on the cob and Pad Thai noodles are great for food on the go.

Find out where to get the best street food.

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