How to make a perfect poached egg

This how-to video shows you a foolproof method

How to make a perfect poached egg

Everyone has a different method for making perfect poached eggs. Some swirl the water, others swear by adding vinegar. This how-to video shows you a foolproof method of making poached eggs will give you a perfect result every time.


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    normie 39
    30th Nov 2012
    Brown or White Vinegar??

    2nd Dec 2012
    Brown vinegar normie, but if you only have white then that's perfectly fine!
    1st Dec 2012
    This is such a waste of time, too much messing around. Gosh, what would this woman do without the metal rings, without the glass dishes??? Sheesh.
    2nd Dec 2012
    haha thats really funny, makes more washing up for later.
    for a start you don't need the glass dishes for heavens sake, nor the metal rings. nor that much salt either.
    once you have put the vinegar into the water, and boil the water, you then crack each egg, one by one the white does not run. REally pulling off the rings with a towel. NOw you asking to get burnt fingers. She should have used a pair of flat tongs to pull them OH well/ so getting the eggs out of the water with a flip and putting them onto toast, or muffins is easier than doing that....Each to their own :)
    normie 39
    2nd Dec 2012
    Still asking White or Brown Vinegar??

    Mere Male
    7th Nov 2014
    take ya pick MM it don't matter

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