Join the ginger revolution

Many will have grown up with ginger, the versatile little zesty Rhizome, being used to add exotic flavour to cooking, tingle taste-buds in marmalade and baking delights, soothe winter blues in tea and help disgruntled stomachs. While the same great taste remains, the spicy flavour sensation is set for a makeover!

Buderim Ginger, the only major ginger producer and processor still proudly Australian, is declaring a ‘Ginger Revolution’ with an edgy new look and an attitude to match, it has set its sights on bringing ginger into the spotlight.

The new look is vivid and bold with bright oranges and a tone which screams flavour, whilst still acknowledging some of the retro flare which points to Buderim’s rich history, stretching back to when it was first founded back in 1941.

From a small farming community in the pre-World War I days, to one of the world’s finest ginger producers, food processors and tourist destinations, Buderim Ginger is a long-standing and proudly successful Australian business.

It all started with some raw ginger pieces which found their way to Buderim, in South East Queensland over 70 years ago. They thrived in the rich volcanic soil, the high rainfall and humidity and when the ginger supply from China was cut during the Second World War, sales of the Buderim-produced crop soared.

Fast forward to 2014 and Buderim Ginger is entering a new phase.

Ginger is a powerful and memorable flavour – people just need to be inspired to include ginger products in their regular eating habits. Ginger turns a glass of water into a tempting ‘beverage’, turns a dry piece of toast into ‘breakfast’ and fills empty mouths with flavour in-between meals.

With over 70 years of growing and creating ginger products, Buderim Ginger has demonstrated it is the expert at bringing flavour to Australian taste buds. In fact, Buderim Ginger is the natural enemy of bland! However, it is time to shed the old clothes; to step out into the limelight and be noticed!

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