Some Chinese foods should just stay on the menu

There are some foods on the menu that should stay on the menu.

Never order these foods

Chinese food is one of the most popular fast(ish) food options in the world. With a menu including a wide range of foods from all parts of the country (and the animal), it’s cheap, delicious and can be healthy – except for those items on the menu that are risky at best and probably should stay on the menu.

Fried rice
It’s quite possibly the most popular dish on the menu, and it may also be the least healthy. Fried rice is, as the name suggests: fried. It’s most often made with white rice, which already has the least nutritional value of all rices, but once it’s soaked up all the oil in the wok, you have an oily, starchy dish that, although tasty, is super high on the calorie count.

Sweet and sour chicken or pork
A normal portion of sweet and sour chicken can contain over 1700 calories and 130 per cent of your daily recommended fat, while a serve of sweet and sour pork can contain up to 16 teaspoons of sugar and 88g of fat. Add the side of fried rice and you have yourself a recipe for diabetes and obesity.

Barbecue spare ribs
While some barbecue spare ribs are not so unhealthy (who are we kidding?), at Chinese restaurants, they’re coated in a salty, sweet barbecue sauce that contains around 65g of fat and about 1.5 times the daily recommended intake of sodium. Oh, and more sugar than a can of soft drink.

Lemon chicken
Lemon chicken may sound a little healthier than many of the options on the menu, but the bottom line is that the average serve has 1500 calories and 75g of fat, it’s fried in oil, full of sugar and sodium; and no amount of lemon will add to its nutritional value.

Prawn crackers
Those plastic bags packed with pretty pink prawn crackers will be the death of me, and after learning about the contents, maybe sooner rather than later. Made with tapioca, flour, prawns and water, one cup of these tasty appetisers contains over 200 calories, 550mg of sodium and 32mg of cholesterol.

So what can you eat? Well, vegetable dumplings, wonton, egg drop and hot and sour soup, stir fries, kung pao chicken, Ma-Po tofu, and chop suey are all much healthier alternatives and they’re still super tasty, too!

Read more at WebMD.

What’s your favourite Chinese food?



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    14th Jun 2018
    Should have seen the article yesterday as I went to lunch and I ordered special fried rice and Mongolian Lamb. Luckily I never eat sweet and sour.
    14th Jun 2018
    Hahahaha seems these days just getting up in the morning just ain’t healthy.
    14th Jun 2018
    I wonder why this article focuses on Chinese restaurant food. Fried rice is no worse than paella. Sweet and sour chicken and pork are no worse than any brands of sources one buys from the shelves in a Supermarket to cook with chicken and pork. Lemon Chicken is no worse off than Kentucky Fried Chicken. Barbeque Spare Ribs are bad anywhere. Prawn Crackers are as bad as any potato chips anywhere.

    Is the author of this article just focusing on bashing on Chinese restaurants for the fun today? Tell us something new and nourishing rather this negative nit-picking.
    14th Jun 2018
    Why don't we focus on Caucasian food? Australia is also overrun by Caucasian, including Italians, Greeks, Brits, Americans.......come-on a fair go???????!!!!!!
    14th Jun 2018
    you lost me when you claim that Tofu is tasty....unless you consider a solidified lump of cat snot is a treat to the taste buds. Call it Tofu or bean curd it's still poop on a plate.
    go veg!
    14th Jun 2018
    Perhaps you don't like plain tofu but marinated is super delicious. However, I like it plain too if tossed in with a quick stir fry of vegetables and a dash of peanut sauce.
    14th Jun 2018
    Ozirules. You obviously don’t know how to cook tofu. Try some of the hundreds of recipes. Perhaps you will find one to you’d liking
    14th Jun 2018
    Never found Tofu that I like. Bit like oysters - snot.

    14th Jun 2018
    It should be fine to eat the stuff occasionally.
    14th Jun 2018
    I make a fried rice by using cooked steam rice, spraying it with an unsaturated oil spray, and baking it in a colander with a drip tray underneath, in a very slow oven for about 2 hours, tossing it occasionally. I then add the sliced pancake, shallots etc just before serving. Not so oil-filled and it's delicious. I also use low salt soy
    14th Jun 2018
    14th Jun 2018
    14th Jun 2018
    I love all of the above. I try not to eat more than 3 helpings a day!!!!
    14th Jun 2018
    Thank you "Nanny" . However I will eat what I want to eat, now go away.

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