(Mostly) delicious tricks to take cereal from common to creative

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Pouring a generous helping of cereal into a bowl and topping it with a slug of cold milk is a morning ritual for many, and with good reason.

Whether you keep it classic with good old Corn Flakes or indulge in a modern multi-coloured melange, there’s something so satisfying about that crunchy, milky combo.

If you’ve been sticking to the same breakfast for years, you’re missing out – a few simple tricks could take your cereal from dull to delicious.

1. Freeze your cereal
Recently, people have been sharing this simple but oh so effective way to stop your cereal from going soggy so quickly.

Pour out a portion then leave it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, just add milk and your cereal will be extra crunchy and extra cold – perfect for summer, imperfect for winter.

A word of warning, though, make sure you don’t add milk the night before, unless you want to play a joke on someone.

2. Add peanut butter
This works particularly well with chocolate flavoured cereals.

Start with a spoonful of your favourite nut butter, which you may need to loosen with milk depending on the consistency. Add cereal on top, mix thoroughly and enjoy.

3. Juice instead of milk
OK, this is a bit of a controversial one. Some people believe that the sacred bond between cereal and milk should never be broken, while others swear that Corn Flakes and orange juice are a match made in breakfast heaven.

We say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. You never know, the right combo of juice and cereal might unlock a refreshing new way to get one of your five a day.

4. Mix your cereals
It’s the sort of thing your mum wouldn’t let you do when you were little, but, hey, you’re a grown up now, so why can’t you mix together three different cereals if you jolly well want to?

5. Pancake cereal
This recipe reimagines another brekkie favourite, pancakes, resulting in a syrupy, spoonable delight.

All you have to do is whip up some batter, create mini pancakes by dripping batter into your frying pan then serve warm in a bowl drizzled with syrup. Yummy.

6. Cookie cereal
This is definitely not a healthy everyday option – a bowl of baked cookie ‘cereal’ is best saved for an indulgent weekend treat.

Similar to pancake cereal, you need to mix up your cookie dough of choice then create mini rounds on a baking sheet. Once they’ve cooled, serve in a bowl with milk.

7. Sieve your cereal
Don’t you just hate it when you get to the end of a packet of cereal and accidentally fill your bowl with a pile of dust along with the last of your Frosties?

Well, here’s an easy way to avoid that pesky problem: use a sieve and, voila, you can ditch the dust.

Do you eat cereal in the morning? Will you be trying any of these or sticking with simple cereal and milk?

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  1. 0

    1) Cereals are not dull, at least where I live
    2) Some of the suggestions are serious unhealthy, although MOST cereals are simply a processed grain sugar-vehicle.
    3) Ditching the dust is NOT an acceptable option. Either use it in your breadcrumbs, or just consume it in other ways eg add it to your rolled oats porrige. Such a wastefull suggestion!

    A friend who became lactose intolerant used juice on his cereal (did’t know – and never looked – at the lactose free milks in the supermarket, or even the drops available at chemists) but liked it so much he did not change back to milk once he found out.

  2. 0

    juice isn’t good for diabetics. I have instant porridge with fresh strawberries and walnuts – yum

  3. 0

    I’ve been making my own muesli for years using rolled oats as a base. I then add crushed cornflakes, nuts, dried fruit, cranberries, sunflower seeds and anything else that takes my fancy.

    It’s easy to make, highly nutritious and delicious but the best part is that it costs a fraction of the price of muesli in supermarkets!



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