YOURLifeChoices food memories

The YOURLifeChoices team loves its food. Often we come into the office and enthuse about what we had for dinner the night before but what are the stand-out meals we will remember forever?

Rachel’s food dream
While travelling in Brazila friend and I spent three days trying to track down a man by the name of Maximus, in a little town called Mangue Seco, who reportedly ran the world’s most secluded restaurant hideaway. And we found him. We crossed a mangrove swamp and traversed miles of sand dunes, but finally we arrived at our very own palm-leaf hut in the middle of an endless white beach. We were each presented with a plate of simple beans and rice, topped with fried manioc flour, and I was so filled with the joy of finding this mythical place that it was impossible not to relish every mouthful.

Kaye’s family feast
The best food I have eaten recently was breakfast this morning with my husband David and our two daughters SJ and Lucy. The girls and I worked out at the local gym and then made our way to Thread in Malvern – a quirky café near the corner of Tooronga and Malvern roads. The menu is both witty and interesting and the décor the same . The barista has recently won an award for ‘latte art’ so our cappuccinos came with dreamy designs on top. We all chose different variations of eggs – Egyptian Happy Eggs, Franco’s Jewels and Googies– except David, who had Mother Nature’s fresh fruit salad. Was this really the best food I have ever eaten? Well it sure did feel like it as I was with the people I love the most and the non-stop laughter it made an occasion I will treasure forever.

Debbie’s fast food frenzy
Fish and chips, by far the best food known to man (or woman). However, for me my serving of this sea-side favourite comes with a large dose on nostalgia. Friday night growing up was fish and chips for dinner, collected from our local takeaway. This is where Australians will be horrified as, rather than the cooked to order fresh fish we enjoy here, the fish and chips were cooked in large batches, kept warm and served to hungry patrons who wanted their food quickly. Sound appealing? Probably not. Taste great? Definitely. When making the trip back home to Scotland, this is the first meal I have, and you can be sure I’ll manage to sneak in a few more before I leave.

Drew’s Turkish delight
Nicosia Turkish restaurant in Malvern, Victoria is a family favourite. Often, we’re just too busy to eat together around the dinner table, but taking the time to go to a favourite restaurant is a great way to get our family together. At Nicosia, a great restaurant with friendly service, the average meal will set you back $15 – great value! A free bowl of salad is provided to every table and the wide selection of quality meats served with vegetables will fill you up. But make sure you leave room for the homemade selection of baklavas – it’s to die for.

David’s simple seafood
It was a mere 27 years ago and our advance south from Andorra into northern Spain had been unexpectedly aborted for the want of a visa. So, we retraced our tracks over the Pyrennes to Perpignon on the Mediterranean coast and the last French town where there was a consulate, which was, alas, ferme after noon. Having not eaten since breakfast, we located a cheap pensione for the night and a random fish and chip shop. Seated in our leased micro Citroen, which we had parked on a vantage point above the sandhills, we consumed the best fish and chips whilst watching the light fade over the sea. Nothing flash but the perfect close to an unexpectedly long day’s driving. That this was indeed the most scrumptious seafood take-away is attested to by the simple fact that, after almost three decades, I can not only clearly recall that impromptu ‘meal’, but actually visualise the scene and, best of all, still ‘taste’ those salty offerings! And, of course, this meal was comfortably within our strict, daily travel budget.

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