Five best healthy-eating websites

Nutrition and eating healthily can be confusing and contradictory, with health fads changing week-to-week. So how can you find out what you really need to eat? These five websites demystify healthy eating.

The Heart Foundation
The Heart Foundation of Australia offers its own views on healthy eating, including information on maintaining a healthy weight and eating the right foods to give you lots of energy. This part of the website also offers different ways to prepare the foods you love, in order to cut down on saturated fats.

Eat for Health
For those who are more visual, the Eat for Health website, run by the Australian Government, offers a visual representation of the five food groups recommended for consumption each day. It shows you how much you should be eating from each group, and offers suggestions of foods which fit into these categories. You can also use their calculators to work out your personal nutrition and kilojoule intake needs. 

Go for 2 and 5
The Go for 2 and 5 website is based on the nutrition concept that people need two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables each day. Most Australians eat only half this amount, and the website offers pain-free tips for including more fruit and vegetables in your diet. The website also has some simple, tasty recipes, so why not find out how you can boost your intake to 2 and 5?

Better Health Channel
The Better Health Channel website provides, amongst other things, a downloadable and printable four-week healthy eating plan, broken down into four separate weeks. It offers ideas for seasonal foods you may wish to incorporate into your diet, while taking the stress out of healthy eating by helping you to plan ahead.

My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal is both a website and an app. It is technically geared towards weight loss, rather than simply healthy eating, however, it offers one of the most comprehensive calorie counters available on the internet. You can enter the name of a food, or scan the barcode on a packet, and the amount you are planning to eat, and the website or app will tell you exactly how many calories you will be consuming. It can be a great way to discover foods which are secretly calorie-rich, even if they claim to be low-fat.

Do you have any other suggestions for those trying to eat more healthily? Share your knowledge in the comments below.