The best Aussie sandwich press, according to CHOICE

When it comes to choosing the right sandwich press, it’s handy to have a little help.

Buying the right sandwich press

The right sandwich press is more than a fancy toaster that flattens two slices of bread together. A good press puts a hot meal on the table quickly and saves you money by repurposing leftovers into sandwich form. The best presses can work wonders, even with thick-sliced bread, crunchy crusts, stretchy cheeses and wet fillings such as tomato.

When it comes to making savvy consumer choices, it’s handy to have a little help.

Luckily, Australian consumer advocacy group, CHOICE has done the work for you. CHOICE’s sandwich press buying guide can help you decide which features you will need, and offers selections on affordable, quality sandwich presses.

According to CHOICE, the main features to consider when selecting a sandwich press are:

  • size
  • adjustable top plate
  • cord storage
  • storage latch
  • aesthetic finish
  • indicator lights
  • cost.

Another consideration involves the type of press that suits your needs. Do you want a jaffle maker or a traditional press? Some presses work better with a variety of breads. For example, presses with floating hinges are suitable for thicker breads and rolls, such as panini.

The best models, as selected by CHOICE, have been put to the test and have rated highest in performance, ease of use and speedy heating times.

They vary in price from $15 to $100 and are widely available in many department and electrical stores.

Do you have a great sandwich press that you’d recommend? Or has a press you’ve bought fallen short of expectations? Let us know your consumer tips.



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    Old Geezer
    20th Dec 2018
    I've had a Sunbeam one for years now. I won another one in a raffle about 5 years ago but it's till in the box and hasn't been used as the old one keeps on going on and on.
    20th Dec 2018
    Sell the other one OG
    Not much point keeping it

    20th Dec 2018
    I have a little sandwich maker
    Great for cheese sandwiches or leftover meat fillings

    Also have a George Foreman grill which I use for kebabs and wraps
    20th Dec 2018
    have you guys tried apple and jam toasted sandwiches. Dice your apple very small, plus tyour jam of choice.---yum Be very careful, the jam will be extremely hot. best made straight after your savoury ones.
    20th Dec 2018
    Thanks FrankC

    Not into sweet stuff but will give it a try. Maybe with a dollop of vanilla ice cream :)
    19th May 2019
    We have had a Breville for a half dozen or a few more years. It has a wide range of heat adjustment, it comfortably takes 4 large sangas, has removeable and replaceable plates that are very easily cleaned (nothing sticks,) these separate vertically to take the largest rolls, it sends any juices to a tray below, has a meat heat probe (which I have never used and which comes unwound on the side all the time) is stainless steel so that the outside is easily cleaned and has an easily read and understood LCD. We really like and recommend it. I don't know its model number.

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