Australia faces its worst-ever potato shortage

The cost of spuds could be on the rise, as Australia faces its worst-ever potato shortage.

Australia faces its worst-ever potato shortage

It’s time to start stocking up on spuds as due to heavy rain, floods and cold weather throughout winter, Australia faces its worst potato shortage in history.

Currently, potatoes are selling at up to $9 per kilogram, but that price could rise in the next few weeks and stay high for the immediate future, as farmers are struggling to put Australia’s favourite vegetable on supermarket shelves.

On average, Australians eat 63kg of potatoes each year – most commonly in the form of hot chips.

This time last year, spuds were selling at $400 a tonne. The current market price is $2000 a tonne.  

Australia’s potato shortage won’t reach the same levels as Ireland’s great potato famine in 1845, but it may mean that many of us have to forgo hot chips for a while.

New South Wales’ growers were hit the hardest, with floods wiping out crops and wet grounds making conditions for replanting unfeasible. Victoria – one of Australia’s biggest potato producers – has also suffered a similar fate.

Farmers are saying they are uncertain when supply will be back to normal, so now may be the time to stock up on spuds.

The best way to store potatoes is in a brown paper bag, hessian bag or cardboard box in a dark, dry, cool environment (between 7–12°C). Make sure they’re well ventilated and keep them away from moisture and humidity. That way, they’ll store for months without going mouldy.

Are spuds a part of your weekly diet? Have you noticed the increase in potato prices?



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    30th Jan 2017
    Excuse me? Where do you get this info from? I just bought potatoes in Coles Launceston for $3.00 per Kilo, I also have the receipt if you find it hard to believe!
    15th Feb 2017
    Potatoes have been cheaper than that in Adelaide A few weeks ago we could get a 3kg bag for $5.00
    31st Jan 2017
    yes i think this is a lot of media hype, what a lot of bollocks.
    but me thinks many have gone off potatoes cause we are now diabetics and potato's are high in sugars.
    could be cause there are my hybrids, and they are mostly genetically modified, perhaps this changes much. but anyway i like other foods best its nice to eat something else besides just potatoes :)
    OH and by the way, they are so easy to grow.....then you pay next to nix for your spuds :)
    31st Jan 2017
    I have diabetes so don't eat many potatoes, but occasionally get the low GI Carisma ones from Coles. White rice is just as bad as potatoes for your blood sugar, the lowest GI white rice being Basmati. Sweet potato is OK.

    I tried to grow potatoes but they turned out very small.
    15th Feb 2017
    Mimi, In some cases depends a lot on your soil. They won't grow as large in hard soil including trhe soil you mound up around them as they grow. They also require a reasonable amount of water. Did you wait for the bushes to start to die back after they had flowered?
    You often have to dig deeper than you would expect to get your whole crop. They also do better planted further apart than most people plant them.
    Potatoes will literally rot in the soil if they get too much water while growing. I lost a few "bushes" of potatoes that way myself
    One of the best ways to keep potatoes longer if you grow them yourself is to leave some of the dirt on them and store them as stated above. If the light gets to them too much they will go green and are then poisonous......That is one of the reasons you have to mound plenty of dirt around them - so the potatoes aren't exposed to the sun at all.
    16th Feb 2017
    yes mimi, i too can't eat rice, it all puts up my sugars, even the carissma spuds, i do eat them still, but on the very odd occasion.

    Yes blossom i know much about the spud, my parents grew them when i was small, and had to live on them, they were nice, but constantly eating them with cream, is not a good thing lol.
    cheers all
    31st Jan 2017
    Eat kumara-sweet potato and grow your own spuds-they are very easy to grow-need shade in these hot summers.
    16th Feb 2017
    yes they taste different, but as a diabetic i can't eat those either :(

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