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Crumbed Veal Cotoletta

Crumbed Veal Cotoletta

Crumbed Veal Cotoletta

This veal dish with its light and crunchy crumbs is great for summer.

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Lovely Leftovers

Lovely Leftovers

Lovely Leftovers

Imaginative and delicious ways to use up your Christmas leftovers.

Christmas leftovers: tasty tips for excess food

Leftover Christmas food used to make crispy turkey nuggets

Christmas leftovers: tasty tips for excess food

See what you can rustle up with the traditional Christmas leftovers.

Super Easy Sausage Rolls

Super Easy Sausage Rolls

Super Easy Sausage Rolls

Take puff pastry and chipolatas, and hey presto!

Stuffed Sweet Potato

Stuffed Sweet Potato

Stuffed Sweet Potato

If you’re in the mood for a tasty dish, these stuffed sweet potatoes are a ...

Middle-eastern Eggs

Middle-eastern Eggs

Middle-eastern Eggs

A crimson swamp peppered with eggs resembling crash-landed UFOs

Greek Lentil Soup

Greek Lentil Soup

Greek Lentil Soup

Try this Greek lentil soup now that the weather has turned cooler.

Roast Onion Tart

Roast Onion Tart

Roast Onion Tart

A delicious recipe from Mastering the Basics: Pies, Tarts and Pastries

Potato and Asparagus Bake

Potato and Asparagus Bake

Potato and Asparagus Bake

Whip up a quick and tasty side dish to serve for dinner.

Cakes & Baking

Melt-and-Mix Swiss Chocolate Cake

A simple melt-and-mix chocolate cake recipe that proves nobody does chocolate like the Swiss.

Chocolate like clockwork

Chocolate Salami – Simple but Fancy

Chocolate salami is a no-cook, easy treat which is fun to make and serve.

Big taste smallgoods

Simple Apple Slice

Our Simple Apple Slice is sweet, delicious and easy to make.

Find out more


Honey Soy Chicken Stir-fry

If you're having friends over for dinner, a steaming hot bowl of Honey Soy Chicken Stir-fry is just perfect.

Rustle up in no time!

Chicken and Vegetable Cornish Pasties

A delicious twist on a classic comfort food.

Twist on a classic

The Perfect Roast Chicken

With herb butter, crispy skin and roasted chunky-cut veggies, this is the Perfect Roast Chicken.

Perfect Sunday lunch


Perfect Peach Pudding

Gabriel Gaté’s summer dessert recipe is delicious and versatile, his suggested varieties include replacing the peaches with apricots, the strawberries with raspberries and the Kirsch with Drambuie.

Just peachy

Hot Jam Doughnuts

These Hot Jam Doughnuts are perfectly soft and chewy all at once.

The perfect treat

Chocolate cake in a mug

Chocolate cake in a mug; the easiest dessert for one

Instant chocolate dessert

Party Food

Light and Tasty Mini Savoury Scones

A healthy option for pre-dinner snacks and canapés.

Your twist on a classic

Tasty Cheesy Fritters

These Cheesy Fritters cut straight to the heart of simple, delicious Spanish tapas.

Spanish-style tapas

Smoked Ham and Cheese Mini Quiches

These mini quiches with smoked ham and cheddar cheese make the perfect quick meal.

Quick and tasty


Beeeautiful Beetroot Salad

In-season beetroot shines in this simple salad which is packed with flavour

Can’t beat the beet

Grilled chicken salad

A delightfully simple recipe which you can vary easily, with chicken as the star.

Find out more

Super Summer Tomato Salad

Summer tomatoes are sweet, delicious and perfect for this simple salad.

Summer sweetness


Savvy solutions for single cooks

No more waste or multiple repeats of the same meal.

Single cooking solutions

Cheesy pasta in 10 minutes

Cheesy, oozy, quick, delicious – the ultimate comfort food in 10 minutes.

Delicious comfort food

Avocado Pesto Gnocchi

Delicious vegetarian gnocchi – nutritious and quick to make

Easy delicious dinner

Healthy Recipes

Super Pork and Asian Greens Stir-fry

Pork and super healthy Asian greens make for a simple, delicious, healthy meal.

Pork on your fork

Five Heart-healthy Food Recipes

Heart healthy recipes that aren't just good for you - but taste great too.

Cook healthy and eat well

Simple Apple Slice

Our Simple Apple Slice is sweet, delicious and easy to make.

Find out more


Tasty Tuna Treats

Sweet Potato and Tuna Treats are easy to make, cheap and super tasty.

Tasty tuna treats

Cheesy Bubble and Squeak Fritters

Bubble and squeak turns leftovers into something, dare we say, trendy?

Nothing goes to waste

Simple, No-mess Sausages

Nothing beats sausages and mash – except cooking it without the mess

Best bangers and mash


Red Lentil Soup

This recipe, and the story behind it, have spread all over Turkey.

Super Soup

The Famous Flu Fighter Soup

This one-pot wonder of a soup is an absolute powerhouse for preventing colds and flu.

Give colds the boot

Pumpkin Pasta Soup

This delicious Pumpkin Pasta Soup is quick, easy and makes a warming winter meal.

Winter warmer


Perfectly Peachy Porridge

A perfectly peachy vegan porridge – packed with goodness and flavour

Just peachy

Budget Basics: Beanie Stew

This delicious beanie stew is a budget-buster brimming with healthy ingredients

Budget busting beans

Zucchini and feta fritters

Zucchini and feta fritters – simply delicious any time of day

Zucchini any time


Refreshing Lemon Summer Cooler

Enjoy a refreshing and electrolyte-boosting summer drink.

Summer pick-me-up

Five cracking Christmas cocktails

Why not greet your guests with one of these delicious cocktails?

Festive cheer

Tipsy Festive Eggnog

You can, of course, buy shop-bought eggnog but where's the fun in that?

Make your Christmas very merry


Quick Strawberry Jam

Summer berries are sweet and cheap – and so is this simple microwave jam.

Summer simplicity

Budget Bircher Muesli

If you love porridge for breakfast, you’ll love this

Simple and delicious

Mini Breakfast Frittatas

Our tasty mini frittatas are a quick and easy way to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Feed the masses


Super Simple Snapper

This whole baked snapper for two is simple, healthy and delicious.

Snap to it

Healthy Salmon Tartlets

These posh little quiches are perfect for a special lunch alongside a couple of salads.

Salmon for lunch

Simple Healthy Fish Dish

Simple and delicious fish wrapped in baking paper

Fresh fish dinner

Slow Cooker

Saucy Slow-Cooked Beef

Well worth the wait, our Saucy Slow-Cooked Beef will melt in your mouth.

Full of flavour

Irish Beef Stew

Slow cooked and rich in flavour - nothing beats a tasty Irish stew on a cool winter day. Serve with a glass of full bodied red wine and enjoy. Ingredients 1150g Shin beef trimmed and cut in 1 inch cubes (can be substituted ...

Find out more

Slow-cooked Chilli

This chilli recipe may take a while to make, but the taste will be difficult to beat

Slow-cooked chilli that’s worth the wait


Stir-fried beef with cumin

This beef with cumin recipe is easy to make and absolutely delicious.

A twist on a classic

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

Both Chinese and French cooking have heavily influenced this delicious soup.

What is Pho?

Brazilian Meat Pies

This meat pie is a spin on the empanada – a traditional savoury pie from Brazil.

A taste of Brazil


Whole Roasted Trout

For many, Friday night is fish’n’chips night. Why not make it healthier with our Roast Trout?

Fish’n’chips tonight

French-Style Chilli Mussels

Treat yourself this weekend with our quick and delicious French-Style Chilli Mussels.

French for dinner

Creamy Salmon Penne

This Creamy Salmon Penne should only be eaten as a treat now and again.

A savoury treat


Slow-cooked Garlicky Lamb

This is a get-out-of-town bloody amazing lamb you simply bung in the oven.

Easy-peasy roast

One-pot Braised Lamb Shanks

Lamb shanks are a great cut of meat for one-pot slow cooking

Tasty braised lamb shanks

Nutty Crust Lamb Cutlets

These Lamb Cutlets in a Nutty Crust go well with creamy mashed potatoes.

Make them tonight


Barbecued Sticky Spare Ribs

Delicious slow-cooked ribs never fail to attract a crowd.

Finger-licking good

Slow-cooked Pulled Pork

A delicious pork dish for winter

Slow cooked pork

Honey Mustard Pork Chops

This recipe for Honey Mustard Pork Chops is simple, delicious and needs minimal preparation.

The other white meat

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