Jamie Oliver's My Kinda Butter Chicken

A simple but very satisfying curry.

Roberta’s Satay Chicken

Reviving memories of eating satay chicken skewers from street stalls in Malaysia.

Roberta Muir’s Southern Fried Chicken

So finger lickin' good you'll be doing double batches.

Michelle Bridges’ Warm Chicken Salad

This recipe is sure to impress anyone you make it for.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

This delicious Chicken and Mushroom Pie is homestyle baking at its best.

Chicken Curry Muffins

Minimum effort and maximum flavour will put these delicious parcels in your favourites folder.

Chicken and Pine Nut Rissoles

Today's Chicken and Pine Nut Rissoles put a gourmet spin on an Aussie classic.

Easy Chicken Fried Rice

Our Easy Chicken Fried Rice has only a few ingredients and is quick to make.

Moroccan Chicken Pie

A traditional Moroccan chicken pie that is loaded with flavour and appears to be very labour intensive,

Fancy Chicken Sandwiches

Today's Fancy Chicken Sandwiches are a cinch to make and perfect for afternoon tea.

One-Pot Roast Chicken Dinner means no mess to clean up

Save on the cleaning up with this non-mess recipe.

Chicken and Vegetable Cornish Pasties

A delicious twist on a classic comfort food.

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