One-pot Moroccan Chicken

This spicy chicken dish is high on flavour and low on washing-up

Chicken, Rocket & Pasta Bake

This cheap and cheerful recipe for Rocket & Pasta Bake is easy to make and the leftovers will

Chicken and Camembert Rolls

Looking for an easy, low fat meal to make on a warm summer evening? These Chicken and Camembert Rolls

Speedy Tomato Chicken

This flavoursome meal is quick and easy to make. Ready in just half an hour and only one pot

Vietnamese Chicken Balls

If you are expecting a number of guests then this easy-to-make recipe is sure to please

French Fried Chicken Breasts

Try our French Fried Chicken Breasts today. They are easy to make and very tasty.

Barbeque Chicken Tarragon

This Chicken-Little packs a Chicken-Big explosion of taste! Try our Recipe today!

Chicken Chop Suey

Originating in Taishan China, chop suey literally translates to 'assorted pieces'.

Lean Chicken Patties

These simple peppered chicken patties are delicious on a bun for lunch or with an Asian salad

Chicken Cacciatore

This rich, tasty dish is deceptively simple to make and serves two people for under $10.

Portuguese Chicken Burger

Quick and easy to make. Try this Portuguese Chicken Burger recipe. It's delicious!

Simple Chicken in Red Wine

Coq au Vin, as the French call it, is nothing more than chicken casserole

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