Crumbed Chicken Three Ways

Discover how to make crumbed chicken with three different toppings.

Crumbed Chicken Three Ways

Discover how to make crumbed chicken with three different toppings, so you’re never short of a recipe again. After all, variety is the spice of life.



  • Four chicken fillets, skin removed and cut in half thick ways

Ground almonds and orange rind topping

  • 1 cup ground almonds
  • Zest of one orange
  • 1 cup chopped parsley
  • Cracked black pepper to taste
  • 125 grams butter
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup malted vinegar
  • 1 finely chopped spring onion

Fresh breadcrumbs with basil and parmesan topping

  • 2 cups fresh breadcrumbs
  • 1 cup finely chopped basil leaves
  • 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • ½ cup chopped semidried tomatoes
  • 3 chopped basil leaves

Cajun topping

  • 1 1/2 cups breadcrumbs
  • 1 cup crushed peanuts
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne
  • 240 grams butter


Crumbing alternative one: Ground almonds and orange rind
Combine ground almonds with the orange zest, chopped parsley and some cracked black pepper to taste.

Melt butter in the microwave and dip the chicken fillet in the butter then in the almond topping. Place on a baking tray and bake for 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Serve with orange sauce. To make the orange sauce, combine orange juice with brown sugar and malted vinegar, one finely chopped spring onion and cracked black pepper.

Crumbing alternative two: Fresh breadcrumbs with basil and parmesan
Combine fresh breadcrumbs with finely chopped basil leaves and shredded parmesan cheese. Prepare the chicken as in the previous recipe and bake for the same time. Serve with a sour cream topping made from sour cream with chopped semidried tomatoes and chopped basil leaves.

Crumbing alternative three: Cajun crumbed chicken
Combine breadcrumbs, crushed peanuts, dried oregano, cumin, dried thyme and cayenne. Melt butter and combine. Cover the chicken in the mixture and cook as per above cooking instructions.

Lisa Haddon is a qualified home economist, food stylist, recipe developer and food consultant. She operates her own catering and event management business, Aussie Food Fairies, and has done for over 20 years.

If you have any questions about this recipe, you can email Lisa with your query.

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