Butter Chicken

This tasty Butter Chicken is the very definition of versatile. Light enough for lunch, filling enough

Yabby ravioli with wild lime and shiitake

This all-Australian dish is a little fiddly, but the end results are well worth it!

Simple Crocodile Curry

Looking for a new dish? This Simple Crocodile Curry is a great introduction to a unique ingredient.


Paella is a notoriously difficult dish to make. Rachel keeps is simple with this foolproof recipe.

Eggplant and Pasta Pie

This Eggplant and Pasta Pie makes enough for two people, plus three frozen dinners - that means

Coq Au Vin

This delicious French favourite can be frozen as separate portions but we suggest sharing with

Delicious Dukkah

This Egyptian delicacy is perfect for using as a crust when grilling fish or chicken but can

One-pot Stuffed Chicken with Tomatoes & Rocket

Bring this delicious one-pot straight to the table - not only because everyone will be impressed, but

Beef Rendang

The beauty of this dish is the rich aromatic spices which transform inexpensive cuts of meat

Sicilian pasta

Just to keep the Godfather theme going a little longer, when we dined in Messina before reboarding

Phad Thai - Thai fried noodles

Possibly the most popular of all Thai dishes, Phad Thai is tasty and simple to cook in your own

Kaeng Khieo Wan Nuea - Green Beef Curry

Offering a spicy taste of Thailand, the beef in this curry can be substituted with whatever takes

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