Roberta Muir’s Warm Asian Salad of Squid

Spring into spring with this simple but delicious squid salad.

Fish, Capsicum and Tomato Pot Pies

This style of pie, called a pot pie, is super easy as there's no pastry base.

Friday special – Fish in Paper

Simple and delicious fish wrapped in baking paper

Tuna and Corn Pasta Bake

An easy dish for dinner if you are not wanting to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Tuna Baked Jacket Potato

For a light lunch or dinner, try this super easy Tuna Baked Jacket Potato recipe.

Fish and feta with rice

This Good Friday, why not try our delicious Greek fish dish?

Hearty Tuna Casserole

Our Hearty Tuna Casserole is a great meal to tuck into during the colder months.

Easy Asian-Style Grilled Fish

Here's a recipe for Asian-inspired fish that takes almost no time in the oven.

Tasty Turkish Fish and Veggie Soup

In Turkey, this soup is only ever eaten in the evenings.

Stir-fried Ginger Fish

An easy to make, and delicious stir-fry, try this ginger fish for dinner tonight.

Stephanie Alexander’s Speedy Steamed Fish with Ginger

From pantry to plate, this fish dish takes just 30 minutes to prepare.

Healthy Tuna and Corn Fritters

Golden brown and loaded with corn, these fritters are a breeze to make.

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