Super Simple Fish Pie

Can you make a tasty and filling fish pie in under 30 minutes? Yes, you can!

Easy Portuguese Fish Rice

A simple and healthy rice dish that delivers a taste of Portugal.

One Dish Lemon Fish and Potatoes

Fish and potatoes can't be beaten, and this dish is full of flavour

Tuna, Cheese and Vegetable Slice

Tuna, Cheese and Vegetable Slice n

One-Pan Baked Rockling with Walnut Crumb

Bake rockling with a yoghurt sauce for a moist texture and delicious taste.

Snapper so simple to prepare and cook, it’s crazy

This whole baked snapper for two is simple, healthy and delicious.

Healthy Salmon Tartlets

These posh little quiches are perfect for a special lunch alongside a couple of salads.

Creamy Fish Pie for One

Our Creamy Fish Pie is so much better than anything you'll buy at the shop.

Steamed Fish Parcels with Orange and Ginger

You will love the delicate Asian flavour of our Simple Steamed Fish Parcels.

Stuffed Tuna Pita Pockets

Simple and tasty, our Stuffed Tuna Pita Pockets are a great lunchtime snack.

Baked Fish Dinner

Having a simple, baked fish for dinner over the festive period is a welcome change.

Salmon with Lemon Cream Sauce

Simple and healthy, our Salmon with Lemon Cream Sauce is light yet satisfying.

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