15th May 2014
Simple Scones
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Kaye shares her secret recipe for perfect scones – they’re simple to make, simple to eat and simple to clean up afterwards.

3 cups self-raising flour
1 cup cream
1 cup lemonade
1/2 cup milk
1 egg

Pre-heat oven to 200°C (180°C fan-forced). Put the flour, cream and lemonade together in a bowl and mix. When the mixture is ready the bowl will look clean and you will have a ball of very soft dough. Gently flatten on a board and cut into circles using the top of a standard water glass. Beat egg and mix with milk. Put dough circles onto a floured baking tray and paint tops with milk and egg wash. Cook in oven for 15 minutes. Serve with cream and home made fruit jam, with a cup of tea on the side.

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    26th Jun 2014
    Sorry, this recipe just did not work for me. The mixture never looked "ready" and never left the sides of the bowl. Couldn't cut out with a glass or anything, it was very sloppy. Just piled it onto a baking tray and cooked it like a damper. Very disappointing!
    12th Jul 2014
    I hope you only put the first 3 ingredients into the bowl. the last 2 are for glazing. Can be rather confusing the way it is written.
    The last 2 - egg and milk should have a spacing from the 1st 3.
    Enjoy the damper.
    mrs macca
    8th Oct 2014
    I have a variation on this which is 4 cups SR flour - well sifted - I can lemonade and 1 cup of cream which are poured into a well in the middle of the flour - Mix and turn out onto a board - I found it a little wet so now dont add all the lemonade -. Scones are really lovely. I just use a little milk to glaze. Good luck
    10th Jan 2015
    For me this is Lemonade scones, we just mix till it just comes together and then we spoon into a Muffin tray and bake. Also when we want Savoury scones we mix the savouries with the flour and exchange lemonade with Mineral water or else just use the lemonade
    14th Jan 2015
    Fantastic recipe I make them at least weekly and must say they are loved by all. Easy to make and delicious to eat can highly recommend - I do cook mine on a higher heat I place the oven on 200 degrees regards .
    26th Jan 2015
    I make these regularly for my movie group and they are magical and so easy
    3 cups s.r. flour
    1 cup cream
    1 cup lemonade

    Sift flour into bowl
    make a well in the middle
    pour in the cream and the lemonade
    using a knife mix the ingredients then take hands and fold over - pour onto the well floured bench and lightly kneed mixture
    then take a scone cutter and cut out scones - place onto a tray that has been covered in baking paper, it is important to now brush the top of the scones with milk lightly also to place scones on tray close together - helps the rising - cook 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees for 20 minutes - great with a berry jam and cream - this receipe makes about 8 scones just doub le mixture for more.
    6th Feb 2015
    Come on Macca, temperatures in Celsius please./ I don't know where you are, but remember we don't use Fahrenheit.
    20th Apr 2016
    Here you go Frank

    400F is a bit over 204 C

    29th Jan 2015
    If you want the best tasting Scones, I buy the Country Women's Scone Specialty Mix. You can buy it in Coles or Woolies in the Flour section. I just add Sultanas. You get 2 500g packets of flour and each makes 10 delicious large Scones. Highly recommended.
    21st Feb 2015
    For me this is Lemonade scones, we just mix till it just comes together and then we spoon into a Muffin tray and bake. Also when we want Savoury scones we mix the savouries with the flour and exchange lemonade with Mineral water or else just use the lemonade.
    27th Mar 2015
    Fantastic recipe I make them at least weekly and must say they are loved by all. .
    waster images
    11th Mar 2015
    Try these recipes this easter season here : http://easterimages2015.com
    27th Mar 2015
    I also tried making simple scones but it is somewhat difficult to make. This looks very yummy I want to eat this.
    20th Apr 2015
    Scone mixture for these lemonade scones is fairly simple. The first time I made it I used my hands to mix, but then someone told me to use a palate knife to fix until it comes together and then pat out the mixture with hands and cut with scone cutter. The second time they came out perfectly. I often cut the mixture in half and make one half savoury (shredded cheddar/cayenne pepper) and the other half for afternoon tea with jam and fresh cream.
    29th May 2015
    Can you use diet/sugar free lemonade ?

    26th Aug 2015
    This dish is looking tasty its increases my hunger more thanks for sweet dish.
    20th Apr 2016
    Scones need to be handled very little and I never cut them with a glass or anything that has a closed in bottom -- as it compresses the doe, always use a scone cutter
    5th Feb 2017
    I make scones with my allergy in mind, for people that have a Dairy allergy.

    300g Sponge Flour SR pinch of Baking powder
    130g of sifted soft icing sugar
    130g of soften Nuttlex [not all margarine is no dairy by the way]
    Cold Rice Milk.

    Turn the oven onto 200c [always place scones in a very hot oven]

    Rub with clean fingers, the margarine and flour together to resemble bread crumbs so it is very fine.
    Add sifted icing sugar [must be soft icing sugar]
    Mix all ingredients together Evenly. [At this stage I sometimes add 100gms dried Cranberries.]

    Gradual add the cold Rice Milk.
    Depends of the temp of the kitchen I find. Can be quarter of a cup or a little more.
    I then use a long bladed dinner knife to whip up the mixture to get air into it.
    Place on a floured board till it is thick enough to cut with a Sharpe metal scone cutter.
    Tried using a glass but it is not nearly Sharpe enough. If the cutter is not nice and sharpe air will escape from the mixture. Cutting the mixture needs to be a quick action and don't twist the cutter.
    Mine is about 50 years old I purchased it just before I had my first son and he is about to turn 48!!
    The best mixture is one that holds it shape but doesn't flop over!
    Place the individual cut out mix onto a non stick tray with a pastry brush wipe over the formed scones with Rice Milk and cook for 15 minutes.
    While cooking get your wire cooling tray out and place a clean T cloth on it.
    When the scones are starting to turn a golden colour, around 15 minutes in my oven.
    Take them out and leave them to cool on the cooling tray and cover them up with the CLEAN T cloth. This keeps them from going dry and keeps the steam in the scone.
    When cooled cut in half and put your favourite jam on.
    They don't last that long and are soon eaten up! with or without cream.

    I use the same ingredients to make NON dairy cup cakes but with what used to be termed a butter mixture. Replacing the butter with Nuttlex and the milk with Rice Milk. But use castor sugar not icing sugar.
    23rd Jan 2018
    When my sister in law told me to use cream, I finally made reasonable scones! I have heard about using lemonade too and will give it a try - thanks!

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