Why smoothies are unhealthy

Whether you’re on a liquid diet, grabbing breakfast on the go or just want to enjoy a tasty treat, discover why smoothies are not always the healthier option.

The first, and most obvious, reason a smoothie will be unhealthy is the inclusion of unhealthy ingredients. Most commercial smoothies will contain unholy amounts of sugar, far more than you might expect from the taste. Some will also contain high-fat yoghurt or ice-cream, making your smoothie about as healthy as a box of iced doughnuts.

The second, and mostly unavoidable, problem with smoothies is in their very nature. When a smoothie, or any kind of fruit juice, is made, the juice is squeezed from the fruit. What is left behind is the pulp or fiber content. This means that when you drink a smoothie, you could be drinking the sugary equivalent of four or five oranges, a whole pineapple or three apples, without any of the healthy fiber. Consuming fiber is an important part of good gut health, and drinking a smoothie means you are consuming all the calories of the fruit without adding to your necessary daily fiber intake.

So what can you do to make your smoothies healthier? Start by making them yourself, at home in the blender. This way you can control exactly what is going into them, and avoid adding unnecessary ingredients such as sugar. Second, try opting for a vegetable smoothie. Vegetables have a much lower sugar content than fruits, so you will be getting that vitamin kick without the high calorie count.

Are you a smoothie junkie? Share your favourite healthy smoothie recipe below.