10 photos that will make you see the world differently

The world’s largest photo competition has released its first images – ranging from long-distance nature photography to an extreme close-up of a dandelion.

Some 660,000 entries have been submitted by amateur and professional photographers from the across the globe to the CEWE Photo Awards, in line with a ‘Our World Is Beautiful’ theme.

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These 10 shortlisted images – one from each of the 10 different categories – should give you a look into the talent out there and perhaps offer some inspiration for your own photography.

Hobby and Leisure, Hans Lahodny
A women’s outfit strikingly matches the artwork she is gazing at.

Nature, Petra Jung
Rain droplets cling to the thin tendrils of a dandelion seed.

Travel and Culture, Siegfried Claeys
Beachgoers gather on idyllic white sands in the Cape Verde islands while maintaining social distancing.

Cooking and Food, David Weimann
A very modern take on a classic breakfast fried egg.

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Landscape, Manfred Voss – overall winner
An icescape captured on the German island of Rugen, featuring a lighthouse looking out over a startlingly frozen sea.

Sport, Andreas Bauer
Children play football against the backdrop of a large mural on the streets of Havana, Cuba.

Architecture and Technology, Cor Boers
This image, which looks to us like a scientific diagram, comes courtesy of Cor Boers from the Netherlands.

People, Hartmut Schwartzbach
A group of children talking and laughing in the Philippines.

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Aerial Photos, Azim Khan Ronnie
A bird’s eye view of a vast array of colourful Vietnamese herbs and spices.

Animals, Josef Schwarz
A family of elephants huddle together for safety in South Africa, forming a huge mass with the tiniest ones tucked away.

Do you enjoy photography? Why not share your favourite shot on this list in the comments section below?

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Written by Luke Rix-Standing