10 facts you don’t know

We bet even you can learn something from these nuggets of knowledge.

10 facts you don’t know

Consider yourself a know-it-all? We bet even you can learn something from these nuggets of knowledge which Debbie’s son Euan shared with her.

  1. Turtles can breath through their bottoms
  2. There are about 7500,000,000,000,000,000 grains of sand in the world
  3. John Lennon had a cat named Elvis
  4. Extreme heat is the only thing which can destroy a diamond
  5. A skunk can detect a human over one kilometre away
  6. Girls have more tastebuds than boys
  7. Road Runner has only ever been caught by Wile E Coyote once – on 21 May 1980
  8. The average pair of feet travel about 190,000km in a lifetime
  9. Termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metal music
  10. David Bowie has a spider named after him

Do you have an amazing fact of your own to share?


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    21st Sep 2012
    Well thar ye go!!! Never too old to learn, eh? What good all that information will do me, I just don't know....

    22nd Sep 2012
    My husband was a master at finding and stating 'useless information'; if nothing else it does make you wonder for a moment! I do like 'turtles can breath through their bottoms' and wonder who, how and why such a strange occurance was discovered!
    23rd Sep 2012
    In Washington, DC, it is illegal for anyone to carry, concealed about their person, a weapon over six feet in length.

    I put it down to all those failed basketball stars. I reckon they carry anti-tank launchers under their greatcoats.
    23rd Sep 2012
    I'm not too sure about the diamond one, though. Diamonds have a cleavage plane and if hit sharply enough, will break or even shatter. Is that destruction?
    30th Sep 2012
    Crunchy: That is just size reduction. Still is diamons but "smaller"
    Diamond will melt(3550 degrees C) and boil(4827degreesC) but you need a lot of pressure.
    Some Experiments on the Combustion of the Diamond and Other Carbonaceous Substances". Humphry Davy (1814), Page 557 of 557-570.
    Yes, it is true! You could destroy diamond at very high temperature.

    I have my doubts about question 2?

    Pip, just like your husband: I like useless information. But, my grandchildren love them. Cheers.
    2nd Oct 2012
    Agree re Question 2.
    Last time I counted there were 4,385 less.
    253 bottles of red (counting took considerable time remember) may have contributed but sure I am correct so paq* I am with you.

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