Dog subway ban doesn’t stop New Yorkers

New Yorkers find a hilarious way of bringing their ‘banned dogs’ onto the Subway.

dogs in bags

Recently in the Big Apple, dogs were banned from using the Subway. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority declared that, “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers”.

It may have banned all animals from travelling on the subway (unless they fit in a bag or container) but they never said what size the dog (or bag) had to be. As you can see, some people got creative and bent the rules a little bit.

Travelling in style

No one will notice, just act casual!

Where are we going today?

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    26th Jun 2017
    The stupidity and cruelty of dog-owners obviously knows no bounds.
    Miss Piggy
    26th Jun 2017
    Mmmm ... A sweeping and unimaginative comment.

    If the alternative is to leave a dog on its own all day (or something else equally undesirable under who knows what conditions), for one of the many valid reasons people may have to take their pet with them, then "stupid and cruel" is probably the very opposite of what the owners are being. Would be better, I feel, to know their circumstances before judging.
    26th Jun 2017
    Better than NSW rules - no dogs at all. It is so limiting for elderly who don't drive and want to get their dog to a groomer, the vet or a walk on the beach.

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