15 celebrities then and now

These 15 award-winning celebs and stars weren’t always picture perfect.

15 celebrities then and now

From awkward to awesome, these 15 stars and celebrities weren’t always picture perfect. Then again, some of them certainly peaked in their youth and, for want of a better phase, may have seen their star fallen at a relatively young age.

It’s fun to see that many celebs started their lives as normal people, who would have been easily lost in a crowd. Nowadays, many of them can’t even get a cup of coffee without being mobbed, but back in the day they looked just like you and me.

Why not take a look at our list of ‘then and now’ celebrity portraits and judge for yourself?

Tell us who you think has aged gracefully, may have hit their high point in their youth or is barely recognisable.

Angelina Jolie


Brad Pitt


Brigitte Bardot

Daniel Craig


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    30th Nov 2015
    If these are "then and now", as stated, Kathleen Turner has certainly improved with age!
    30th Nov 2015
    Goldie Hawn was the biggest shock for me, most of the celebs looked good
    30th Nov 2015
    Think how Kurt feels.
    30th Nov 2015
    Daniel craig has certainly improved, but sorry to see the gorgeous robert redford so deteriorated! A really cruel picture of Goldie - she can still scrub up well.

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