Picture of the Week: 15 funny protest posters

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Although the causes being opposed or supported at various protests and rallies are often serious, the protestors themselves can be quite comical in the way they convey their message.

Here are some of the funniest protest signs we’ve seen.

Climate change rally, Canada – and she’s not wrong


Rally to Restore Sanity, Washington DC –  (relax, it says “laugh out loud”)


Anti-Trump rally, US – never a truer word spoken


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This message is relevant anywhere in the world!


Rally to Restore Sanity, Washington DC – this one cracks us up!


It seems there is such a thing as a crowd-phobic protestor


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A truly timeless protest poster


Sometimes we forget the bleeding obvious

We’d hate to see her really upset


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Angry grandmother protesting Governor Scott Walker in 2011 – no cookies for you!


Can you imagine the cocktail to suit that straw?

Seems that there was more than one reason to attend the Occupy Boston Protest


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Even the most disaffected protested the new President Elect in New York

We wonder what they look like


Every protestor’s protest


Which is your favourite funny protest sign? Have you seen funnier ones?

See mre at www.boredpanda.com

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Written by Leon Della Bosca


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    Jesus had 2 dads is blasphemy, unacceptable on this website.

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      Aggie I understand you might think this is not right, but the recorded circumstances of Jesus’ birth are quite exceptional, regarding his father and step-father. They were both loving dads by all accounts.

      What I could never accept was that Jesus’ mum was still a virgin, or did the Catholic church make that up later, to make all women feel second rate because we can never be both a mother AND a virgin?

      I like “Without Immigration Trump would have no wives”.

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    If you believe that the ” LORD’ is Omnipotent then why should that be a problem for him?



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