19 unusual computer viruses

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Here are 19 unusual computer viruses of which to steer clear but at which you can still have a giggle! The Woody Allen Virus is our favourite. Which is yours?     

Ellen Degeneres virus

Your IBM suddenly claims it’s a MAC.

Monica Lewinsky virus

Sucks all the memory out of your computer.

Titanic virus

Makes your whole computer go down.

Disney virus

Everything in the computer goes Goofy.

Mike Tyson virus

Quits after one byte.

Prozac virus

Screws up your RAM but your processor doesn’t care.

Lorena Bobbit virus

Turns your hard disk into a 3.5-inch floppy.

Woody Allen virus

Bypasses the motherboard and turns on daughter card.

Spice Girl virus

Has no real function, but makes a pretty desktop.

Ronald Reagan virus

Saves your data, but forgets where it is stored.

Oprah Winfrey virus

Your 200MB hard drive suddenly shrinks to 80MB, and then slowly expands to 300MB.

Arnold Schwarzenegger virus

Terminates and stays resident … It’ll be back.

The Telstra virus

Causes leased lines to be taken out of service, issues a denial that it had anything to do with it, and then sends an invoice to prove it.

The Dyslexia virus

Messes about with your flies.

The Star Trek virus

Boldly goes where no virus has gone before.

The Winona Ryder virus

Turns your floppy disks into hard ones.

The Volvo virus

Enables disks to survive severe head crashes, but slows processor, impossible to get rid of, and goes on forever.

The Kylie Minogue virus

Infects all your files for a period of time, then disappears completely without trace.

The Mussollini virus

Hangs your system ­– from a lamppost.

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Total Comments: 13
  1. 0

    I really don’t think cybercrime or computer viruses are something to joke about.

  2. 0

    Hey , lighten up Bonny , life’s tough , having a laugh is good for everyone , these little items are just a play on words ,

  3. 0

    I normally enjoy the Friday Funnies but I agree with Bonny some of these are very inappropriate. I would have expected better from this website.

  4. 0

    Ha ha! Absolutely lurrrrve them!
    In the beginnings I used to love the name ‘floppy disk’ which conjured up all kinds of graphic images in my imagination together with ‘bytes’ and ‘ram’, etc.. …

  5. 0

    Strewth I find myself agreeing with Bonny first time ever

  6. 0

    Hell get a life its just a bit of fun

  7. 0

    Strewth Canman me too!!!!

  8. 0

    Good Golly where have people’s sense of humour gone, I agree with Mez, and there is far too much Political Correctness these days

  9. 0

    Some of those R a hoot . Don’t know the scammers always seem to B just in front if we have good cover , I don’t know I never pay anything on Computer manage wih other means . I asked a teller at bank if I was robbed using net bank would the bank made good , I got a negative answer. ” You shouldn’t have any trouble ” not good enough We would prob. be told it was because of our mistake .

  10. 0

    OOPS I got Xed over with the item on scammers & the jokes article



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