Friday Funnies: Best surfing jokes

Let me take this wave, would you? My girlfriend is watching from the beach.

Friday Funnies: A year of wonders

Contributor Peter Leith shares his favourite memes of 2020.

Friday Funnies: Movie theatres

Why couldn't Bach go to the theatre? Because he was baroque.

Travel Vision: Explore Hong Kong’s Sharp Island

A natural treasure just a short boat ride away.

Friday Funnies: Very superstitious

What would make Friday the 13th even scarier? If it were on a Monday.

Friday Funnies: Politicians

What separates politicians from liars? The ‘and'.

Friday Funnies: The racehorse and the donkey

A horse walks into a bar. The barman asks, "Why the long face?"

Friday Funnies: 2020 in memes

2020: We can either laugh or cry. So why not choose to laugh?

Explaining astrology: It’s about more than your star sign

Mercury in retrograde, ascendant signs, horoscopes - if you haven't yet caught on to astrology, these

Friday Funnies: A talking dog

Why did the cat join the Red Cross? Because she wanted to be a first-aid kit.

Friday Funnies: Jokes for the season

What do trees feel in springtime? Releaf.

Matt Golinski’s Greek-Style Pastitsio

Bake your own version of this classic dish for a chance to win!

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