A different take on dementia

Robot and Frank is a delightful take on dementia and unexpected friendship.

A different take on dementia

Set in the near future, Robot and Frank is a heart-warming and funny film, which proves very effective at getting the audience to identify with the film’s ageing character, a retired cat burglar named Frank.

Frank lives alone and is showing signs of dementia. Fearful for his father’s declining mental state, Frank’s successful son, Hunter, buys him a robot caretaker to look after him. At first Frank is sceptical and a little bit offended, but he soon learns that his new robot butler could make for a perfect partner-in-crime as a burglary aide.

Inspired to prove himself capable of resuming his old ways, Frank and his robot accomplice plan some late-life criminal capers. What they don’t plan on is the friendship which evolves between them.

The film stars Frank Langella, who is simply brilliant playing the lead role of Frank. Peter Sarsgaard voices the robot – a health disciplinarian with a soft spot in its hardware. The relationship between the two is touching and the end may bring a tear to a few eyes, but a smile will remain long after the film is over. Friendship doesn’t have an off switch.

Interestingly enough, we may not be too far off having robot aides for home-based care work. During the closing credits, there is real-life footage of assisted-living robots in various stages of development.

Robot and Frank is a great film for all ages which I really enjoyed it and highly recommend to all.

Why not watch the trailer and see for yourself?


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    10th Oct 2014
    This is a wonderful movie, I watched this with my 12 year old and it taught him a lot. It is worth watching and it is not too sad rather funny at times, great viewing.

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